What Colors Are in for Spring 2022: A Guide

Wednesday, March 09, 2022
What Colors Are in for Spring 2022: A Guide

Sunny skies and daffodils, warmth and wakening—spring is the season of emergence, and the top color trends of 2022 represent that sentiment. From popping yellows to floral-inspired purples to a sky full of blues, the garden of colors on the racks this spring season are hopeful, fun, and ready to play.

That said, knowing what vibrant hue to choose and how to pair it with other chic women’s clothing colors can take some practice. But there’s no need to feel blue, friend. 

We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate what colors are in for spring 2022. Peruse our recommended palettes and how to pair them so that your cute spring outfits can keep turning heads as the days grow longer, warmer, and full of promise.

Chasing The Blues

Imagine a midday sky in Capri—azure at the horizon, cerulean at the apex. Like the sky in Capri, there isn’t just one blue dominating the spring 2022 colors—but four. The range of blues to choose for your seasonal wardrobe range from soft and subtle to vibrant and bold.

Often associated with calmness, serenity, and productivity, choosing blue for your clothing and housewares will keep you feeling grounded through the newness of spring.

How to Wear Soft Blue

The color experts at the Pantone Color Institute have named not one but two soft blues to their spring 2022 color trends. Spun Sugar and Glacial Lake are subtle, light blues that you can easily incorporate into your look. Wearing either of these delicate blue hues can be as easy as reaching for your trusty denim or as elegant as donning a glittering necklace. 

These blues look terrific on all skin tones and hair colors, so you can be confident in your choice—whether you’re wearing a light blue for daytime lounging or a nighttime soiree. 

Some of our favorite looks that incorporate a softer blue into your springtime wardrobe are:

  • Faded jeans and a white Sweater – The classics are always in, and nothing stays more in vogue than the simple pairing of comfy blue jeans and a soft knit white sweater. When spring temperatures jump from brrr to balmy in the span of a day, this is the perfect look to carry you from sunrise coffee to twilight cocktails.
  • A lightweight jacket with linen shorts – Sunday brunch in the spring calls for an ensemble that’s polished, pretty, and versatile. Layer a pale blue blazer or jacket over a camisole or knit top. Pair it with tailored linen shorts for a sophisticated look that’s ideal for warm spring days. 
  • Printed dress – Subtle blue plays so well with others that it’s a wardrobe must-have when pairing with prints. Whether ikat, floral, or abstract, this season’s it blues are everywhere in textile prints. If your designer dress only carries a hint of blue, try adding a statement blue bracelet or a sparkling set of hoops to pull your look together.

Remember, the utility for soft blues (and all the trending spring colors) extends beyond your wardrobe. Incorporating pale blue into your housewares will give you a feeling of clean refreshment this season. From your dinner plates to your living room couch pillows, this year’s soft trending blues offer a boost of refinement to any home. 

How to Wear Vibrant Blue

Blue can go beyond humble hues, offering a commanding pop of color when worn in bolder shades. In addition to Spun Sugar and Glacial Lake, Pantone is calling on two bold blues—Skydiver and Harbor Blue—to take over seasonal the trends this year.   

These spring collection colors are decidedly daring, so adding just a hint to your outfits can go a long way. To show off these spring colors, clothes combinations such as the ones we recommend below will help you elevate your ensemble like a pro:

  • A pop of wow  – Paired with a neutral dress or basic jeans-and-tee outfit, a bright blue bangle on your wrist, a turquoise jewelry necklace, or sapphire-toned drop earrings can take your trendy dresses or fashion outfit from ho-hum to oh-wow.
  • Top it off  – Spring is the perfect season for transition pieces from winter to spring outfits. Try incorporating a bright blue shrug, shawl, or scarf to your look. It’s easy to tuck into your bag when the  warmer weather hits or drape over your shoulders when the marine layer rolls in. These warm pieces are the perfect solution for unpredictable weather patterns in the spring season.

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Nothing says spring quite like a bright sunny window or a field of freshly-bloomed daffodils. Evoking that fun, cheerful yellow is a go-to look for spring 2022. After dominating the runways, canary yellow is ready to take its moment in the sun.

That said, yellow can be tricky—getting it wrong can have you looking more Big Bird than Belle. So, how can you make this season’s shades work? 

Try one of these ideas:

  • Pair yellow slacks with a neutral top always for a look that’s classic yet current.
  • Play with prints that incorporate bright yellow flowers against a subtle background. Finish the look with a strappy sandal in yellow or gold. 
  • Accessorize with golden gemstones on your ears, neck, or wrist. 
  • Lace up in a pair of yellow sneakers— the perfect sundrop of color on an easy Saturday stroll through the park. 
  • Protect your eyes and give a nod to retro fashion with a fun pair of yellow sunnies.

The Neutrals

Black, white, beige, and gray never need a season. No matter the month, these basic neutrals are the backdrop that makes your color-of-the-moment shine—and spring 2022 is no exception. Pairing your sky blues, sunny yellows, and charming purples with any one of these neutrals will give you a look that’s pulled together and precisely in style. 

Plus, purchasing high-quality basics in these neutrals is an investment in your year-round wardrobe. 


Clean, fresh, and crisp, white clothing pairs (quite literally) with every single color. 

Consider making the following a staple in your closet:

  • A chunky snow-white knit sweater
  • A thin white or off-white sweater in fine wool or cashmere
  • White wool slacks for winter
  • Summery white linen slacks
  • White jeans
  • A white eyelet blouse
  • An off-white sundress


Basic black is anything but basic. It’s elegant, edgy, and never goes out of style. Beyond a black, long-sleeve dress, your closet should include:

  • Black faux-leather jacket
  • Black blazer
  • Black cardigan
  • Black slacks and jeans
  • Casual black tees


From camel to caramel, the range of beiges offers up something for everyone. Melting into the background of your outfit, these tones create a base layer that lets your pigmented colors shine. Buying luxurious staples in beige means you never have to ask, “What do I wear with this?” 

Your basic beiges should include:

  • Camisoles in both cotton and silk to layer or wear alone
  • Sweaters, both pullover and cardigan styles
  • A jacket for layering year-round
  • Fine leather footwear from boots to sandals
  • A high-quality simple handbag in leather, straw, or raffia


Like beige, gray makes a sophisticated backdrop for your more fashion-forward colors and styles. Donning a pair of gray jeans or slacks and a fun top can take you from the boardroom to the dinner party effortlessly. 

Other basic grays that you might want to include in your wardrobe are:

  • High quality athleisure sets like sweatpants and hooded tops in classic schoolyard gray
  • An elegant gray or silver blouse
  • Soft gray cotton turtleneck with long-or-short sleeves
  • Cloud-gray wool cardigan with pockets and buttons
  • Loose gray wool and linen slacks

While some like to dress entirely in these beautiful neutrals, it’s fun to add a twist of color and texture to them, especially in the springtime.

Pretty, Pretty Purple

Purple is the color of royalty and luxury, but it’s also whimsical, fun, and upbeat. Although once reserved only for royalty due to its rarity, purple has now become a go-to color for anyone who wants to assert their personal style and inner-power in plus size spring fashion for petites. 

Wearing the rich, iris purple of spring 2022—a luxe, jewel-toned blue-purple—can be as bold (hello, purple jumpsuit) or as subtle (a textural top with a lush purple design) as you want to play it. Don’t forget to use rich purple in your accessories, too. Add a bold purple purse to your arm on date night, or opt for sophisticated drop earrings in a more subtle, lilac shade.

One of the wonderful things about this shade of purple is that it pairs well with both gold-tone and silver-tone jewelry. 

Imagine these combos:

  • A silk purple blouse with black slacks and a silver necklace
  • A boho purple printed dress with gold bangles and earrings
  • A little black dress with a sapphire ring and a purple cashmere shawl

To add an extra layer to your outfit, read about how to style a shawl and get some inspiration for this Spring!

Karen Kane Puts the 2022 Spring In Your Step

At Karen Kane, we’re always watching the color trends to keep you looking fresh, current, and fun—but we’d never sacrifice sophistication and quality to get you there. Our textiles are top-quality, elegant, ethically sourced, and thoughtfully designed.

The Karen Kane Spring 2022 collection is full of breezy, beachy styles inspired by the island of Capri. From tie-front camp shirts to floral-print boho dresses inspired by 18th century Italian textiles, we’ve stocked our spring shop with looks that incorporate the trendiest colors for the season, like mint, oatmeal, chambray, powder blue, and cream. And, as always, we’ve got all the accessories—from hats to scarves to jewelry—to tie your look together. 

A bouquet of colors awaits in our online boutique. Start shopping for trendy clothing with the top spring looks today. 


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