Decorative candles create an atmosphere, be it calm, radiant, or romantic. Whatever home essence or fragrance you hope to create, our beautiful beeswax candles can help you create both that scent and vision. Fill your home with a fragrance oil of your choosing. Top your powder room off with the fresh scent of lavender, your living room with a hint of vanilla, or your bedroom with earthy notes of cedarwood and sweet jasmine. From one beeswax candle that captures the essence of California’s coast to unique soy wax candles that could bring about images of a picnic at springtime, our collection of pure beeswax candles can transport you to exceptional places and the sweetest of memories. 

Candle wax brings a sense of warmth to your senses, but also a sense of style to your beachy home decor styled living space. In addition to beautifully scented candles, we also carry unscented pillar candle options and ceramic candles that can be used as decorative candles to draw attention from the eye, more than the nose. Be it to add height to the hearth or a flicker of light to the outdoors, these pure beeswax candles are wonderful options to adorn your home.