Artisan & Boho Kitchen Accessories

Take Karen Kane into the heart of the home with demure kitchen accessories like salt and pepper shakers, food storage, cooking aprons, and decadent dinnerware. Crafted with the best materials and techniques available and created to fit seamlessly into your home’s kitchen items, Karen Kane kitchen + tabletop pieces will add just the right stylish touch to your counter, cabinet, or tabletop.

Our artisanal kitchen accessories were selected with the intention of bringing you your dream dining room and kitchen. Whether it's cooking a meal for a brunch with friends or trying new dishes for fun, elevate your dining experience with items you love. We offer a selection of different cups, bowls, and other essential kitchen tools you will need to serve anything you have been cooking or baking. From woven baskets to place your fresh-picked vegetables, to beautifully glazed dishes to plate your main course, we have all the bohemian home decor and artisan kitchen accessories you need.

Browse our artisan decor serving trays, platters, and mixing bowls made of stone and bone, rattan baskets for fruit or plants, one-of-a-kind dishes, and kitchen towels in beautiful prints. Indulge in a beautiful centerpiece with an ombre appearance or transform your china cabinet with glazed stone serveware and glass cups. Our selection of artisanal pieces is meant to be functional to your cooking and baking needs while bringing life into your dining experience. Every meal can become a special occasion with stylish essential kitchen tools and decor such as these. All of these pieces have natural characteristics that make each kitchen tool unique for a truly special and sophisticated tablescape. Decorate the table with a new salt and pepper set and a rattan place mat for your porcelain bowls, knives, spoons, and other utensils. In the market for new kitchen products or food storage? We’ve got you covered. Check out our collection for special offers on select kitchen accessories. Be the chef of your own home and shop today with Karen Kane’s sophisticated cookware!