Be Transparent

Simply put, our team is the best, so we feel they deserve the best. Over 70% of our management team consists of women and three-quarters of our employees are people from underrepresented populations. All full-time employees are offered a benefits package which includes coinsurance of 80%+ covered by healthcare plan, company payment of 80%+ of individual premium and family coverage premium, long-term disability insurance, dental insurance, and the option of short-term disability, domestic partner or civil union spousal benefits, and life insurance.

Be Ethical

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint at both the corporate and product level. This includes the promise of ethical business practices, more responsible sourcing, and making sustainably-oriented decisions at every level of business. In early 2019, Karen Kane started an employee and management committee to prioritize the company’s dedication to sustainability in manufacturing and accountability for ethical business decisions. This includes ongoing sustainability education for all management and employees, as well as incentives for making decisions that benefit our planet and positively impact our people. As a result of this program, we have minimized our use of plastic, integrated sustainable packaging, increased our use of sustainable fabrics, and made structural improvements to minimize our use of water and power at our main manufacturing facility.

Be Compassionate

Karen and Lonnie Kane are proud supporters of The Nature Conservancy, National Park Foundation, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Shelter Partnership, Inner-City Arts Los Angeles, Cedars Sinai, LA County Public hospitals, City of Hope, The Rape Foundation, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation, Girls For a Change, Aviva Family & Children's Services, the Los Angeles Mission, The Loveland Foundation, A Long Walk Home, and Cast: Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking.

Be Conscious

We have taken significant steps to reduce our impact on the planet. Through 2021 and beyond, we plan to set annual resource reduction goals and implement more strategies to lessen our environmental impact. At out manufacturing plant in downtown Los Angeles, we installed energy-efficient LED lighting in a majority of the facilities. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 35% of our total energy use at our California manufacturing facility now comes from renewable resources, with plans to increase that percentage in the coming years. To conserve water, we installed new washroom fixtures that have saved approximately 100,000-125,000 gallons each year.

Be Sustainable

We've set goals to increase the percentage of recycled and sustainably-sourced textiles we use for future seasons. We sourced new packaging to ensure our corrugated boxes are made partially made post-consumer recycled material. To guarantee our waste is properly recycled, we implemented new recycling programs with certified waste-management resources in the Los Angeles area. In 2019, we switched from using new hangers to reused hangers; these are returned from retailers to recycle through the supply chain. This switch prevents 1,000,000 new hangers from being made each year. We are currently researching garment bags that are made of natural biodegradable materials from sugar cane (instead of plastic). In 2017, to reduce the use of plastic bottles, we installed energy-efficient filtered water fountains throughout out manufacturing facility.

Is A B Corp

Our Goal is to use our business and platform as a force for good.