Ah, spring! Windows are flung open, sweet breezes blow, and the world is alive with bright color. Whether it’s a warm weekend getaway, a backyard barbeque, or the monthly workplace cocktail mixer, we’re all searching for reasons to dress up this spring season.

After a long winter, you might feel a little unsure about spreading your wings and shaking off those cozy, fleece-lined sweatpants. Lucky for you, we’ve got eight cute spring outfit ideas that blend comfort and style so that you can make the most of the spring  season. 

Stay Cozy, Look Chic

Good news: You don’t have to trade your soft petite women pants for your freedom. Take that work-from-home comfort out into the world with cozy, casual pairings. 

When preparing your knockout petite or plus size spring fashion looks, keep these three tips in mind:

  • Loose-fitting and flattering can exist in harmony together.
  • Leisurewear is officially in.
  • With the right pieces, it’s easy to feel comfortable and look polished at the same time.

That said, let’s put these tips to work and put together some cute spring outfits.

#1 Rainstorm Ready

We’ve all heard the rhyme—April showers bring May flowers. Those blooming buds simply should not be missed, no matter the weather. Outfit yourself for a stroll in the garden in this flirty knee-length dress. 

It’s flowy, flattering, and made of an ultra-comfortable rayon-spandex blend. Plus, this long sleeve dress makes it a perfect choice for a cool, rainy day. For winter to spring outfits, throw on a pair of shorts or tights underneath for added coverage and comfort.

Pair it with galoshes, a denim jacket, your favorite umbrella, bright yellow raincoat, or any other cute accessories. Either way, you’ll be all set to brave the rain and smell the roses. 

#2 Coffee Shop Separates

Cherry blossoms aren’t the only thing that are abloom in your neighborhood. The new coffee shop around the corner has also come alive with a floral-infused window display that’s just as enticing as their honey lavender lattes. 

Book an afternoon coffee date with a friend, treat yourself to a cold brew, a pastry, and these chic striped drawstring pants. They’re made of 100% linen, so you’ll be comfy and cool as you sip your drink on the patio.

What to wear with it? The possibilities are endless. For shoes, try a structured slip-on or a loafer to accentuate the crisp lines of the pant. We recommend a bold statement blouse to complete the casual outfit look. 

For inspiration, check out this selection of cute tops for women or petite women’s tops.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Spring isn’t a time for staying in—and it isn’t a time for blending in either. Celebrate the end of hibernation as they do in the animal kingdom—by showing off your stripes!

We get it—patterns can be intimidating, but with a little styling you can wear them like a pro. Tan France, celebrity stylist and fashion icon, shared these tips on how to pull off a bold print:

  • Coordinate with neutrals – Balance a patterned garment by pairing it with a neutral layer. Wear a sweater, shawl, or jacket in a matching neutral tone. You can show as much or as little of the print as you like. A subtle flash of pattern beneath a sharp blazer can really pack a punch.
  • Ease into it – If you’re nervous about wearing prints, start small. Incorporating a patterned scarf or handbag into your wardrobe is a good first step.
  • Go with your gut – Try not to worry about the opinions of others. The most important part of dressing well is feeling good. If you like the zebra print, rock it. (Who cares what Sharon from accounting thinks?)

We’ve put together a couple of casual Spring outfits with Tan’s tips in mind. 

#3 Go Wild on Date Night with Leopard Print

You’ll feel like the cat who got the cream in this slinky leopard print dress

Style it like Catwoman herself with a leather belt and a strappy shoe. To prevent chilliness on cool spring nights, follow Tan’s advice and include a neutral layer. This sweater coat is a fantastic option. The button detail provides that extra “oopmh” of structure—you’ll be turning heads all evening. 

If you’re more the housecat type, go au naturel with a grandpa cardigan and an upswept hairdo. You’ll look devastatingly charming, and still be comfy enough to curl up with your sweetheart and a cup of tea.

#4 Waltz of the Flowers

Yes, yes—we know what Miranda Priestly would say about florals in spring, but hear us out. 

Make a tired trend groundbreaking again by choosing a bold graphic floral print, like the one on this adorable blouse. Wear it tucked into these kicky cropped pants, put on your best dancing shoes, and debut your cute outfit for a night out with friends.

If you prefer to sit in the audience rather than burn up the dancefloor, try this pouf-sleeve dress in the same pattern. Style it with a colorful clutch and a shawl, and you’ll float down the theatre aisles like a boho ballerina. 

Capsule with Color

Typical spring outfits for women often share one quality—they’re colorful.

Therefore it is always important to know what colors are in for Spring. Consider creating a mini capsule wardrobe using different shades of the same color. It’s a clever way to get that springtime pastel fix without sacrificing other shades. 

Monochromatic looks are timelessly chic, and they’re ideal for mixing and matching. Check out the bright color collections below to see what we mean.

#5 Blissful in Blue

Capsule wardrobes are perfect for workwear. They make it easy to choose a casual outfit, even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. Maintain calm at the office in mixed shades of blue. 

Imagine the combinations you can create with just six pieces:

  1. This toile-inspired shirt
  2. A dreamy denim midi skirt
  3. Linen shorts, in mint
  4. This ruched sleeve jacket to match
  5. A patterned peasant top
  6. A classic pair of jeans

#6 Shades of Sand and Soil

This capsule is full of tans, beiges, and browns. It’s a breezy set that still feels warm and inviting. Wear these pieces in a casual work setting, at the beach, or the country club:

Make Travel a Breeze

Capsule wardrobes bring another word to mind: travel.

Whether you’re taking a teen on college tours, traveling for business, or setting sail on a cruise, many of us will leave home this spring. Even when the trip is for leisure, travel can be stressful. Take some of the pain out of packing with our travel wardrobe tips.

#7 Carry-On Friendly Fabrics

There’s nothing worse than pulling a wrinkled garment out of your suitcase. (Oh, and there’s no iron at your hotel? Go figure.)

Some fabrics are better for travel than others. Here are a couple of adventure companions we recommend: 

  • Viscose – This crepe-textured midi skirt, is perfect for a long flight. It won’t crease or wrinkle, so you’ll look fresh and feel comfy until journey’s end.
  • Knits – Knitted materials are excellent for traveling. They wick moisture and help regulate your body temperature on a cold airplane or in a hot village square. Try this maxi dress, or this classy A-line number for hassle-free travel.

Focus on travel-friendly fabrics when packing, and you'll be comfortable, wrinkle-free, and ready for your next adventure.

#8 An All-In-One Statement Piece

We’ve all been there—it’s the last day of your trip, and you’re out of outfit inspiration. You’ve worn your favorite pants three times, and your flowy dresses have sand in the seams. 

Now’s the time to break out that jumpsuit you nearly forgot to pack.

You’ll be the talk of the brunch table when you waltz in wearing one of these trendy jumpsuits. Accessorize with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a gauzy kerchief tied around the neck. The best part? These jumpsuits have pockets to store everything from your phone and lipstick to a few carefully-selected seashells you found at the beach. 

Blossom With Karen Kane

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Keep these spring styling tips in your back pocket whenever you’re in need of some outfit inspiration. If you’re ready to get pairing, shop our freshly-picked collection today. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 


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