The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden
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Focusing on plants destined for the dinner plate, The Kitchen Garden is an illustrated guide to growing edible plants from sowing to harvesting. Learn when to sow, what to grow, and how to make your delicious harvest into a meal.
The book features fifty-five plant profiles ranging from the every day to the unique. Each profile is illustrated and has an easy-to-comprehend table detailing the most important information: when to sow and harvest; growing time; space needed between plants; optimal soil pH; whether the plant will tolerate pots and frost; and each plant’s companions and dislikes.
A planting chart summarizing the most useful information from the plant profiles is also included, along with guidance on the different climate zones and how best to start your kitchen garden. With an emphasis on seasons rather than months, the book is a beautiful and practical gift for garden enthusiasts, whether they live in the northern or southern hemisphere.

  • Written by Lucy Mora
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • W 7.9 x L 10.1 x D 1.0 inches