The Artist's Garden

The Artist's Garden
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The most alluring image of an artist at work is surely one where he or she has come out of their studio, set up their easel on the garden path, pulled on a hat to shade their eyes from the sun, and taken their brush and palette in hand. This sumptuously illustrated and fascinating book delves into the stories behind the gardens which inspired some of the most beautiful and important works of art. Flowers and gardens have often been the first choice for artists looking for a subject. A garden close to the artist’s studio is not only convenient for daily material and ideas but also has the advantage of changing through the seasons and over time. This book is about the real homes and gardens that inspired these great artists – gardens that can still be visited today. The relationship between the artist and the garden is a complex one. A few artists, including Pierre Bonnard and his neighbor Monet, were keen gardeners, as much in love with their plants as their work, while for others like Sorolla in Madrid, his courtyard home was both a sanctuary and a source of ideas.

  • Written by Jackie Bennett
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Dimensions: 11.9" H x 1.1" D x 9.7" W