Gardening Naturally

Gardening Naturally
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The Gardening Naturally book offers a wealth of information and practical advice for growing indoor and outdoor plants based on sustainability, a rejection of artificial chemicals, and respect for biodiversity and the natural world.
From advice on planning your garden and dealing with disease, insects, and the arrival of cold weather, to tips for starting your own compost, repotting effectively, and choosing which local and native flowers to best attract pollinators, this book will interest anyone who wants to add flowers, edibles, and greenery to their daily life, no matter the size of their balcony or the extent of their garden.

  • Written by Laurie Perron and Sarah Quesnel-Langlois
  • Hardcover
  • 232 pages
  • W 6.75 x L 9.0 x D 0.75 inches