How To Wear a Sweater Dress

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Woman wearing dark blue Sweater Dress and white hat

Need more ways on how to layer clothes for winter? A sweater dress outfit is the best of both worlds; it’s the comfort of a cozy oversized sweater with the ease of a midi dress. It’s perfect for that transitional weather in the fall and spring, but can also be layered for colder temperatures. Another great quality of the sweater dress, which you’ll learn below, is that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and accessories you pair with it. Here, we’ll explore more than a dozen ways to wear a sweater dress for any occasion or weather.  

Finding The Right Sweater Dress for You

The knit fabric of a sweater is naturally flattering on all body types, and the same goes for oversized sweater dresses. Also, like cute sweaters, there are a variety of silhouettes when it comes to knit sweater dresses. From fitted and midi-length to shift styles that hit just above the knee, there are plenty of options, which means there’s a sweater dress for everyone. Explore our cute plus size dresses as well and discover what works best for your body type. To find a good  sweater dress outfit for you, ask yourself where you plan to wear your chunky knit sweater dress. Will it be reserved for a nice night out, or something you wear during the day, whether you’re going to work or meeting up with a friend? Or are you looking for a style of sweater dress you can easily dress up or down? 

Have a turtle neck you love and looking for how to style a turtleneck? For a versatile option, a black sweater dress with an a-line silhouette, such as this turtleneck dress or this plus-size turtleneck dress is ideal. A black sweater dress can be office-appropriate or party-ready. Whether you pick up this version, or want to learn how to wear the chunky knit sweater dress already hanging in your closet, we have more than a few suggestions for you. 

How To Style a Sweater Dress: 14 Ways

As we mentioned at the start, the wonderful thing about a sweater dress is how easy it is to wear. All you need to do is add accessories, and your sweater weather outfit will be complete. If you want to layer yours with additional clothing pieces, you can do that too! After reading this, you’ll never have to wonder how to wear a sweater dress again. Here are 14 ways to style a knit dress: 

1. The Dress + Scarf + Tall Boots

A sweater dress can be one of the first pieces you reach for during the fall because it provides just the right amount of warmth for that crisp autumn air. And what else is more fall than a plaid scarf? This one will go perfectly with a black turtleneck sweater dress like the versatile option we linked above. Drape it around your neck to add coziness and color to your sweater weather look. As the final piece to this fall outfit puzzle, pull on a pair of tall boots.  

2. The Dress + Loafers

It’s popular to pair a sweater dress with knee high boots, but this certainly isn’t the only shoe that goes great with a cozy knit. Slip on some loafers, fur-lined or otherwise, and grab a tote with matching hardware to create a complete look that is sophisticated and chic. This is the perfect way to wear a sweater dress to work or to an important meeting. 

3. The Dress + Printed Coat + Chelsea Boots

As the weather turns colder, you can increase the functionality of your sweater dress by layering it under a coat. Many sweater dresses are solid in color, which makes them the perfect piece to wear underneath a printed or colorful coat, such as this gold Boucle Coat. When you’re having fun with colors or prints on top, reach for a cool chunky boot, such as a pair of Chelsea boots, on the bottom. This look will feel casual, cool, and effortlessly on-trend.

4. The Dress + Faux Leather Leggings

If your sweater dress hits above the knee, wearing it with leggings is a great way to make it last all winter. Don’t reach for just any leggings, but faux leather leggings. Pairing these with a solid sweater dress will instantly make it feel more dressy and festive. Not only is this another way to wear a sweater dress, but it’s also another way to wear everybody’s favorite pair of pants. Step into some black booties to complete the look.  

5. The Dress + A Belt

There are a few wonderful reasons to style your sweater dress with a belt. For one, a sweater dress is often all one color and all one fabric, so adding a belt instantly breaks it up. Secondly, a belt can create a flattering effect when worn cinched around the waist and give an aline sweater dress more shape. Finally, what outfit doesn’t need to be accessorized? Adding a belt will add just a touch of texture and a metallic finish that is always welcome. 

6. The Dress + A Blazer

We know this article is all about sweater dresses but if you don’t have a blazer in your closet, what are you waiting for? This wardrobe staple is not just reserved for professional settings. It’s a classic outerwear piece that adds instant polish to anything it covers. While a solid black blazer is a must, a printed option will turn any outfit into a memorable one. Layer it over your sweater dress for a day at the office or a night out to a nice dinner to completely transform the look of the dress. 

7. The Dress + Poncho + Hat

If you love to wear fashion hats, don’t miss the opportunity to pair your favorite felt or velour hat with your sweater dress. This look is perfect for fall or winter. For an outdoor activity, be it a walk through the park or plaza, add a printed poncho to complete the look and keep warm. This outfit goes well with a hot latte in hand.     

8. The Dress + Over-The-Knee/Knee-High Boots

It’s no secret that wearing a dress during the colder months leaves your legs out in the cold, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With over-the-knee or knee-high boots, you can achieve comfort and fashion in one fell swoop. This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to style a sweater dress because it makes the most of not one, but two loveable trends, and it can work for so many occasions, from the casual to the dressy. 

Woman wearing grey Sweater Dress

9. The Dress + Tights + Heels

A sweater dress is a great option to reach for when you don’t know what to wear to a dinner party or even a festive holiday soiree. You don’t need to worry about adding a jacket, either. Simply slip on a pair of tights, perhaps with a fun pattern or hint of sparkle, and step into a pair of pumps or heeled booties. Add a pair of sparkly earrings for the final dressy touch. 

10. The Dress + A Shacket 

A sweater dress can easily be as casual as it can be dressy with the help of a fun shacket. This look works with a dress that is ribbed or woven, and that has a fitted or aline silhouette. Explore our petite clothing styles for the perfect-fit sweater dress. It also works with a variety of shoes from tall boots to combat boots to sneakers and is ideal for everything from apple picking to shopping or seeing a movie. 

11. The Dress + A Collard Shirt + Riding Boots

If your dress features a crew or v-neckline, you can layer it over a button-up shirt and let the collar peek out the top. This can be a stylish way to incorporate a print into your outfit too. Just add a pair of riding boots and tights, if you’d like, to complete the outfit. The overall look is classic with just the right touch of preppiness. 

12. The Dress + Sneakers + A Denim Jacket

Another way to wear a sweater dress in a casual manner is to top it with a denim jacket and step into your favorite pair of sneakers. It’s easy, comfortable, and cute — what more could you want? 

13. The Dress + A Cardigan

Looking for ways on how to style cardigans? Yes, you can layer a sweater over a sweater dress. We suggest selecting a cardigan that is thicker in texture than the texture of your sweater dress and in a length that complements the length of the dress. Reach for a cardigan that will hit within six inches above or below the hem of your dress. For instance, if the length of your dress is just above the knee, select a cardigan to go over it that hits somewhere between your mid-thigh and knee. Step into a pair of booties, and you have an ultra-cozy look that can take you anywhere. 

14. The Dress + A Leather Jacket + Heels

The contrasting fabrics of a leather jacket and a sweater dress go together beautifully. To dress this look up, step into a pair of heels. It’s a fool-proof recipe that is fun to wear out to drinks with friends or on a date. 

How will you style your sweater dress? 

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