How to Style a Turtleneck for the Winter: 10 Ways

Monday, November 29, 2021
Woman in fall outfit with turtleneck

The tight turtleneck is one of the few pieces that has been in fashion for decades and will continue to be in fashion for decades to come. It is the perfect piece when looking at how to layer clothes for winter. This wardrobe staple can be worn in a variety of ways, and while its primary function is to provide warmth, a tight turtleneck can make any ripped jeans or skinny jeans outfit chicer and more sophisticated too. If you want to know how to style a turtleneck during the winter season, you’ll find nearly a dozen ways to do so below. Don’t be surprised if you end up reaching for the turtleneck style over and over again.  

3 Turtlenecks Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Before we jump into all the ways you can style a classic turtleneck, let’s cover the different turtlenecks that every woman should have in her closet for winter: a basic fitted turtleneck for layering, a classic turtleneck sweater that can be worn layered or on its own, and a unique turtleneck that features a fun print or color. Having all three of these options (if not multiple of each) will ensure you can create a variety of looks this season. And when winter feels long and bleak, having a fun wardrobe to pull from can make all the difference.  

1. A Fitted Turtleneck

A fitted turtleneck is your basic layering piece for winter, but it can also look chic styled on its own for fall. Whether it’s paired with a midi skirt or worn underneath a trenchcoat, there are countless ways to style this type of turtleneck. We suggest collecting a fitted turtleneck in a few neutral colors because you can never have too many great basics. This long-sleeve option comes in grey, cream, and black.   

If you live in a warmer climate or tend to get hot easily, you may want to consider a short-sleeve turtleneck for layering purposes, such as this one, which comes in black, charcoal, navy, and cream.

2. A Turtleneck Sweater

While a thin, cotton turtleneck is great for layering, you’ll likely want something a little warmer to cozy up in during the cold winter months, which is why a turtleneck sweater is also a must. This sweater is made of textured heather yarn that is just thick enough to keep you warm without being itchy or uncomfortable, and the classic silhouette is flattering on everyone. It’s a timeless option that will look great season after season.

3. A Trendy Turtleneck

While classic colors and shapes are essential to have, fashion is also about having fun and winter is the time to embrace cute sweaters that feature exciting textures, prints, and colors that feel fresh for the season. Your turtleneck collection thus isn’t complete without a trendy or colorful style that shows off your personality. This will be the one you reach for when you want to create an eye-catching outfit, or when you just want to liven up an old pair of jeans. 

Consider this turtleneck with a sweeping high-low hemline and shimmering threads throughout, this color block option, or this turtleneck with statement-making shirred sleeves. If turtlenecks are your go-to sweater type, you may want to have a few fun styles on hand that you’ll be excited to wear all winter long. 

10 Ways To Style a Turtleneck

Once you have these three types of turtlenecks hanging in your closet or folded in your drawer, you can put together a variety of outfits that will keep you warm and stylish throughout the season. Here are just ten easy ways to style a turtleneck to get you started.

1. With a Midi Skirt

Turtlenecks and skirts go hand and hand. A fitted turtleneck, for instance, looks polished and cute when tucked into a silk midi skirt with a fun print. For a midi skirt with a lot of texture like ruffles or a unique fabric like leather or denim, consider wearing a chunky turtleneck sweater on top to balance the proportions. Step into a pair of tall boots, and this fashionable winter look is complete. 

2. With Faux-Leather Pants

When it comes to pieces that are both fashionable and comfortable, faux-leather pants and petite women’s pants are second only to turtlenecks. When worn together, they created the ultimate winter outfit; it’s warm, cute, comfortable, and versatile. Reach for a turtleneck with an oversized fit to balance the proportions of the fitted faux-leather pants. Wear this look with heels and a fun headband for a party or with slippers for a movie night. 

3. With Jeans + a Moto Jacket

The soft knit fabric of a sweater and the tough textured leather of a moto jacket is a match made in fashion heaven. Just make sure your turtleneck isn’t too thick to feel uncomfortable or bulky underneath the tapered fit of a moto jacket. Pull on your favorite pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans, step into a pair of leather booties, and complete this cool-girl look. 

4. With Wide-leg Trousers 

Wearing a solid-colored, slim-fit turtleneck to the office is a no-brainer. It’s always appropriate and pairs well with every style of workwear bottoms from skirts to petite women’s pants. To create a look that’s on-trend and powerful, wear your turtleneck with a pair of wide-leg trousers and heels. This look is fitting for more than just the office, though. It can take you to a nice dinner, or even a holiday party.    

5. Under an Oversize Coat

When the temperatures are too cold to leave the house without a coat, it can feel pointless to put on something cute underneath. But when you wear a turtleneck, it can peek out above the collar of your coat to not only keep your neck warm but also show off your style. This is the time to reach for a turtleneck with a fun print or color, such as this red one, so it pops beneath your winter coat. Embrace the weather and add a fun beanie and fur-lined boots to complete this outfit. 

Woman in fall outfit with turtleneck, leaning against a tree

6. With High-Waisted Jeans + a Belt

Many people might not turn to a turtleneck when they’re looking for something alluring for date night, but give it a chance. A fitted turtleneck will show off your curves and is the perfect blank canvas for fun accessories. Tuck it into your favorite pair of high-waisted jeans, add a chic belt, earrings, and heels or heeled booties. The result is a classic, fashionable, and shapely outfit that sends all the right messages.   

7. Under a Printed Jacket

When it comes to layering your look during the winter, nothing is more versatile and warm as a base layer than a fitted turtleneck. If you have a fun jacket you’ve wanted to show off, such as this houndstooth one or this leopard blazer, let it steal the show by wearing a simple solid turtleneck underneath. 

8. With Jeans + Boots

You can wear this classic combination all winter long. Take your turtleneck sweater, or your printed turtleneck, or any petite women's sweaters and wear it with jeans and a pair of boots. You can easily shake up this look simply by wearing different boots, such as over-the-knee boots, riding boots, combat boots, or booties, or different jeans from loose and distressed to sleek and dark-washed.

Woman in winter outfit with warm red turtleneck

9. Under a Shift Dress

 Looking to learn how to wear a sweater dress? The time to wear tees and turtlenecks under dresses has returned. This look is particularly great for extending the life of your favorite frocks through winter. Pull on your fitted turtleneck and throw your dress on over it. This outfit works best when the dress has a looser fit, such as a shift or a pinafore. Add warmth to your legs as well with a pair of tights and boots. This layered look is classic yet unique and fun to play around with.   

10. With a Mini Skirt + Tailored Coat

As we said at the start, a sweater or sweatshirt and skirts make a good combination. While midi skirts are great for family gatherings and anything work-related, mini skirts are fitting for a festive occasion or night out. For a streamlined look that’s elevated, yet fun, pair a mini skirt with one of our fitted turtleneck sweaters, a long-line coat or even look at how to style cardigans, and tall boots.

With any of these ten looks, your turtlenecks will feel fresh, fun, and wearable all winter long.  

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