How to Style Blazers: 9 Ways

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Woman in warm blazer and jeans

Unless you’re used to wearing a suit every day, a blazer can feel a bit intimidating to put on; traditionally, it exudes power and professionalism, but it can also be extremely fashionable and sophisticated. It’s one of the best types of jackets for women that can instantly dress up a look and still be worn casually, which is why it’s a critical piece of outerwear for women to have on hand. 

If you haven’t yet mastered the many ways to wear a blazer, don’t fear, we’re here to share all our tips and tricks and hopefully make this fashion staple something you feel confident reaching for over and over again. We’ll show you how to style blazers in a variety of ways. You’ll learn how to wear a blazer to a party, a casual lunch date, and yes, of course, to work, as well as how to wear it to create the perfect cute cold weather outfit!

Here, we’ll highlight not only the different ways to style blazers but also the different types of including oversized blazers, tailored blazers, printed blazers, and more. Put these somewhere in your closet within easy reach, because you’ll soon be wearing them more than ever before.

Woman in lihgt blue blazer and white pants

How To Style Blazers for Work

Let’s start with the most traditional setting in which you would wear a blazer: the office. For decades, women have used a blazer to present themselves as the smart, business savvy women they are when they walk into an office building or a meeting. And it still accomplishes this today. Style your blazer in the following ways when you are looking for an outfit suitable for the boardroom and beyond. 

With Trousers and a Blouse

If it’s not broken, why fix it? That’s how we feel about this classic combo. Wearing classic black trousers, a blouse, and a blazer will always be chic and professional, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be stale. You can give this timeless outfit an update by choosing trousers in a modern silhouette, such as a wide-leg pair, and picking a blouse with a trendy print, such as this python print top. Step into a pair of pumps and wear this look with confidence because you’ll surely rule the room.

With Wide Leg Jeans and Heels

If your office is a bit more casual or allows jeans some of the time, you can get away with this on-trend outfit. Grab a pair of full-length wide-leg jeans to start. The darker the wash the more professional this look will be, but if you’re not worried about being underdressed, a light-wash pair will contrast more with a black blazer. 

The blazer is the hero of this look, so we recommend choosing a fun printed option or a super sleek, black option with a cool, oversized fit. Underneath it, you can wear anything! A turtleneck, a tank top, a blouse—choose whichever top suits your office environment best. Then, elevate the look with heels, which will peek out from the hem of your wide-leg jeans just the right amount. This is one of our favorite ways to style an oversized blazer. 

Woman in winter outfit with blazer

Over a Dress

Some people love wearing pants to the office while others prefer dresses, or like to switch it up every now and then. The great news is a blazer goes well over dresses too. Liven up your little black dresses with a great textured blazer. This black and white tweed blazer will go well over this classy sheer-sleeve dress or this short-sleeve wrap dress. Finalize the look off with a pair of kitten heels or black ballet flats. Not only can you wear it all day at work, but into the night as well. 

How To Style Blazers Casually

Blazers are not limited to office environments. In fact, they’re one of the hottest street style trends. What’s great is that they make any outfit look more put together, so whether you’re wearing a sweatsuit or jeans, you can give your casual look a fashionable bump with a blazer. Here’s how: 

With Distressed Jeans and a White Tee

The ultimate cool-girl look used to be jeans, a tee, and a leather jacket, but with the advent of the fashion blazer, this has all changed. Now, the cool-girl look is jeans, a tee, and a blazer. A distressed pair of denim beautifully contradicts the professionalism of a blazer in a way that allows you to slip on sneakers, combat boots, or sparkly heels, depending on your mood. 

So grab your favorite pair of worn-out jeans, a crisp white tee, and your blazer of choice—classic and black, brightly colored, or printed, you name it, it can work with this outfit. We particularly love the fun look of this leopard blazer paired with our favorite jeans and this western tee

With Matching Shorts

Like a great blazer, tailored shorts can be a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They allow you to keep cool and yet look chic and put together. One way to effortlessly combine these two on-trend pieces is to invest in a matching set. From baby showers to brunch, and even to work, a blazer worn with matching shorts is a perfect fun outfit. Plus, wearing a blazer with shorts instantly makes it a bit more casual. If you can’t find a matching set, simply look for separates in the same color and fabric such as a linen blazer and these linen shorts—this combo is ideal for spring and summer soirees. 

Woman wearing blazer and matching shorts

Over a Turtleneck Sweater and Jeans

Say hello to your new go-to outfit this winter: a turtleneck sweater, jeans, and a blazer. We suggest wearing the turtleneck tucked into your favorite straight-leg jeans. The blazer can be oversized or not, just make sure it fits comfortably over your sweater. With a thinner turtleneck such as this one, you can pull this look off easily. Complete this cozy outfit with leather boots and accessorize it, depending on where you’re going. For instance, if you’re taking this look out to dinner, tie your hair back in a low bun and add cute accessories to your look such as dangly earrings. For a shopping trip, add a velour hat

How To Style Blazers for a Special Occasion

A special occasion could be a dinner date, a family gathering, a holiday party, or any other setting where you want to wear something fun and dressy. For these occasions, a blazer offers a respite from your standard outfit of black jeans and a blouse or a sparkly dress. With these fun outfit options, you’ll be tempted to make sure all your nighttime looks involve this outerwear. 

Wear It As A Dress

If you can get your hands on an oversized blazer that offers enough length and button-up coverage to be worn as a dress, we implore you to reach for it next time you’re dressing up. Wearing a blazer in this way is unique and positively chic. It looks even better with tights and tall boots, and if you’re nervous about the length of your blazer/dress, you can always wear a slip underneath. Finish this outfit off with a fun handbag and you will be optimally dressed for a birthday party, show, or celebratory dinner. 

With Leather Leggings

Pairing them with a blazer is just one more fabulous way to wear your favorite faux leather leggings. And with pants as comfortable and on-trend as these, we know you’re looking for every possible way to wear them. This is another great time to reach for a blazer with an oversized fit. Underneath it, you can wear a festive sweater or silky tunic. Then, add heeled boots or a pair of pumps and hit the town. This look is ideal for a date night or a girls’ trip. 

With Jeans, Heels, and a Silk Cami

An outfit formula that will never fail you is this: jeans (any wash or silhouette will work!), heels (open or closed-toe), a silk cami, and a black blazer. Everyone should have these pieces in her closet, which means everyone can put together this look at a moment’s notice. If you’re going to grab a drink, wear this. If you’re going to a dinner party, wear this. If you don’t know what to wear, wear this. 

There are so many ways to style blazers, and these are just nine of them! While you may already wear a blazer to work or when you get dressed up, don’t neglect the many other opportunities there are to wear this timeless wardrobe staple. Which one are you most excited to try? 

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