How to Wear Scarves: 12 Ways

Friday, January 28, 2022
Woman in simple jeans/shirt combination with BW scarf

Think back to winters when you were a child. If you lived somewhere cold, your parents likely bundled you up in layer after layer of clothing to play outside. The last piece before you were released into the frosty, snowy air was a thick, wooly, long scarf, wrapped with a flourish around your neck and lower face.

While those nice warm scarves are certainly useful in chilly weather, a long scarf made from a chic, soft fabric can be worn in the fall or in the spring.

Women’s Scarves provide a simple and elegant way to upgrade your look. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right scarf for the season and your style, and the 12 different ways you can wear this fashionable accessory.

Fall Scarf Looks You’ll Love

Fall—the season of pumpkin spice, cozy flannels, and brisk nights. Nothing is better than curling up with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book. Add a warm, cozy scarf to the picture, and this idyllic season becomes even more appealing. 

In fact, fall is the perfect time to learn how to wear a square scarf. These large pieces are excellent for both warmth and fashion. As a bonus, fall temperatures are usually cool enough for a lightweight scarf but not yet so cold that you have to cover it with a heavy coat.1 

Two scarves, one black and one white

Our favorite ways to wear a square scarf in fall is very similar to how to wear a shawl and this includes:

  1. As an infinity scarf – Square scarves have a lot of fabric. This means you can fold them over several times to get along, thin piece. Tie the ends together to make a circle and you have an infinity scarf that you can loop around your neck for warmth and style.
  2. In the classic drape – Folding your square scarf into a triangle gives you more interesting angles to work with. You can center the top of the triangle on your chest and drape the other ends around your shoulders.
  3. Like a bandana – The triangle fold also allows you to tie the scarf behind your neck instead of draping the sides over your shoulders. This fashionable look is an excellent way to dress up a plain, dark-colored top with a busy, bright scarf.
  4. As a simple pull-through – To achieve this look, fold your cozy scarf over until you have a long, thin piece. Then, fold it in half, drape it around your neck, and pull the ends through the loop. 

Fall temperatures are ideal for square scarves made from soft cashmere and stylish linen fabrics.

Winter Scarf Looks You’ll Love

Winter scarves are a must to protect your neck from the wind’s icy fingers. But you’ve probably also wondered how to put on a scarf in winter for fashion, as well as function. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. 

Continuing our list of 12 scarf styles, some of our favorite winter options include:

  1. Blanket scarf shawl – Those large, blanket scarves have a lot of fabric. This means you can drape one over your shoulders and get full front and back coverage. Adding a chic belt cinched at the waist gives you a touch of sophistication to dress up your cozy, comfortable outfit. 
  2. Flannel loop – Simplicity and style go together like wine and cheese. That’s why a classic plaid flannel scarf provides the perfect look for winter. Your neck will thank you when you drape it in the fleecy warmth of a stylish flannel scarf. For extra coziness, try wrapping this winter scarf around your neck twice for extra layering.
  3. Wrapped scarf – A large scarf is ideal for surrounding yourself with an extra layer of protection from the chilly winter air. To achieve a wrapped look, drape the rectangular scarf over your back and arms, then flip one side over your shoulder.
  4. Chic loop and knot – Let's learn how to tie a scarf! Take that cashmere scarf you received as a gift and put it to good use. Start with a simple drape around your neck. Then, tie a loose knot in the front. Your neck will stay warm, and you’ll upgrade your winter look.

When choosing your winter scarves, think of warm fabrics, such as cashmere, wool, and flannels. Bright colors and patterns will dress up those drab, grey days and add a touch of elegance to your bulky winter coat.

Brown scarf with a knot

Spring Scarf Looks You’ll Love

When those warm spring breezes come around, it’s tempting to throw off those thick winter layers and feel the fresh air on your skin. However, you don’t have to lose all of those winter layers. Spring scarves are a lovely way to dress up your spring look without the bulk of your winter wear.

If you’re wondering how to wear scarves in spring, we have the answers. Some of our favorites include:

  1. Knotted at your neck – A loose summer scarf, draped around your neck and tied in the center of your chest works perfectly at the office and on a casual outing. 
  2. Loosely draped – That tight drape meant to keep winter’s cold air from getting to your neck can be loosened for a stylish spring upgrade. Pulling the center of your breezy summer scarf down after you drape it will provide you with the bright pop you want without keeping your neck too warm.
  3. Over-the-shoulder and knotted – A small, silk scarf can be draped around your neck and tied off to one side for a sleek look you’ll love to show off in the spring. If you favor dark clothing, try a pastel-colored knotted silk scarf to compliment your look.
  4. As a gauzy infinity – An infinity scarf made from a thin, gauzy fabric won’t make you overheat, especially when you loop it loosely around your neck. A double loop will add a spark of fun to a plain spring top, especially when you choose a scarf style that features lively spring colors.

The key to pulling off spring scarves is to select soft, flowy fabrics that will dress you up without weighing you down.

Scarf Selection 101

Scarves come in every color, size, and fabric imaginable. You can start an enviable scarf collection that’ll get you through any season and occasion by selecting pieces that vary in:

  • Color – If your favorite color is blue, you probably already have plenty of blue clothing. Look for scarves in different complementary colors that can pair perfectly with your wardrobe. Having a rainbow of scarves to choose from will provide you with plenty of options.
  • Detail – Scarves with tassels, sequins, beads, embroidery, and more are a stunning way to take any outfit to the next level. It’s important not to overdo it, however, so be selective about which pieces you pair your more decorative scarves with. A few plain scarves in your collection will ensure that you don’t go overboard with decor for occasions that don’t call for it. 
  • Fabric – Avoid choosing cheap, synthetic fabrics for your scarves. They may irritate your neck and won’t have the true wow factor that a scarf made from quality materials will have. Instead, opt for silk, linen, cotton, cashmere, and other higher-end fabrics.
  • Shape and size – Scarves come in many shapes and sizes, each of which offers different possibilities for how to wear them. The more options you have to choose from, the more creative you can get with how you drape, tie, or knot your scarf.
Two light material scarves with printed design

Choosing the Right Scarf for Your Unique Look

The key to pulling off the perfect scarf style in any season is to choose the right one. There are countless options out there, but narrowing them down is a breeze when you look for a scarf that is:

  • Face flattering – Consider selecting scarves in colors that naturally flatter your complexion and hair. Remember, the scarf will be a barrier between your outfit and your face. If you select a color that doesn’t compliment your skin tone or current hair shade, your scarf will detract from your look rather than uplift it.
  • Seasonally appropriate – Those soft, flannel scarves that are perfect for keeping the winter’s chill away will be too heavy for light, spring breezes. In contrast, your stylish, silk pieces are too thin for icy days.
  • Complementary – Your scarf doesn’t have to match your outfit, but should complement it. Monotone, dark clothing will instantly go from simple to chic when paired with a brightly patterned scarf. 

Now, you’re armed with all of the basic information you need, to add these amazing accessories to your daily rotation. Your next step is to decide if you prefer a shawl vs scarf!

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Scarves are one of our most versatile fashion accessories, offering style, intrigue, and warmth in one simple package. They can be worn in spring, fall, or winter in endless variations to complement any outfit. All that you need to do to upgrade your look is to choose the right scarf for the season and your style.

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