11 Types of Jackets for Women to Add to Your Wardrobe

Sunday, January 23, 2022
11 Types of Jackets for Women to Add to Your Wardrobe

Winter can feel like a drab time where style is concerned; we get it, it’s hard to feel cute under mountains of layers. Or, it’s hard to feel warm when making an effort to look cute. But there are ways to create cute cold weather outfits, that is, if you have the right jackets to turn to. So as we enter the coldest months of the year, we thought we’d break down the many types of jackets for women that are out there. 

Wherever you live, whether it never falls below sixty degrees, or barely ever goes above freezing, you do need to own at least a few jackets, or ten. Just think of those chilly mornings, or those trips to the snow, or those days when the sun finally breaks through the cloudy skies; all of these occasions require a slightly different piece of outerwear. And preparedness is key to looking cute whatever the weather. 

The world of jackets is a wide, wide one, so we’re showcasing the very best types of outerwear for women to have on hand. From trench coats and fur coats to shackets (more on those later) and cargo jackets, we’ll cover which ones you should add to your wardrobe for reasons pertaining to both warmth and style.

Let’s dive in. 

1. The Plaid Coat

For those very reasons mentioned above (warmth and style) this piece of outerwear is the very first on our list. That is the plaid coat. Plaid is a print that will always be in vogue. We love a plaid coat for this reason, but also because the print makes it more of a statement piece than your solid, everyday coat. Even if you’re dressed in jeans and a cute sweater, by adding a printed coat, you can instantly make your outfit more fun and stylish. So stock one in your closet and reach for it whenever you want your jacket to steal the show. With a shearling collar and a large windowpane plaid print, this one won’t disappoint. Pro tip: Check out our latest blog on How to Style Plaid Shirts to learn more about rocking this popular pattern!

2. The Puffer

‘Tis the season for the puffer! This cute winter coat is also both functional and fashionable. Shorter puffer coats, in particular, are trending everywhere, and all of us seeking durable layers are raising our hands, saying “hallelujah!” But this jacket isn’t just for anyone battling midwestern or east coast winters. No, even winterers on the west coast can take advantage of this outerwear because it’s all about how you layer it. With tees or turtlenecks, a puffer looks cute, and with beanies, combat boots, and Chelsea boots too. We love this camel-colored puffer because it is the perfect winter coat, yes, but spring and fall too. Plus, it's filled with plush fill for extra warmth. 

3. The Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa is not only one of the coziest fabrics on the market, but it has also become the new faux fur. Its fuzziness and softness are hard to resist, so much so, that you may find yourself lounging in your sherpa jacket or coat at home. This sherpa fur jacket is crafted from Italian Sherpa fur and outfitted with pockets for additional warmth because no one’s hands should be left out in the cold. If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight, opt for a sherpa shacket such as this one, which makes the perfect light jacket. The creamy color and mid-length hem make it extremely versatile, so you can throw it on over everything. Consider pairing it with jeans and a fitted turtleneck, or black pants and a festive sweater.  

Woman in winter jacket

4. The Trench Coat 

A trench coat is one of those jackets that women carry in their closets for decades because it’s extremely practical and totally timeless. Just take a look at the trench coats on the market today versus what Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; the differences are few and far between. And if it’s good enough for Audrey, it is surely good enough for us. Beyond its star power, though, a trench coat offers weather protection and neutrality that is unmatched. Come rain or shine, a trench coat is the perfect outer layer. It also goes over everything from little black dresses to sweatsuits (yes, sweatsuits!). So, get yourself a trench coat and hold onto it. This style will never fade. 

5. The Shacket 

Another trending jacket that you may like to add to your closet this season is the shacket, also known as the shirt jacket because it’s slightly thinner than a jacket and slightly thicker than a flannel shirt. This makes it a great light, yet warm, layering piece. But what’s great is it’s not just a layering piece. The “shirt” part makes it extremely wearable, so you don’t have to shed this layer after heading inside. Being as on-trend as it is, there are many shackets to choose from (and you don’t have to pick just one). A printed option such as this plaid shacket or this houndstooth option can make any outfit, while a neutral option such as this two-tone one will go well over anything.  

6. The Blazer

Not sure how to style the blazers that have been sitting in your closet? IIf you haven’t embraced a blazer for its ability to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, even jeans and a tee, then you’re missing out.  A blazer provides some level of protection from the elements but its chief responsibility is making you look chic, and it does a marvelous job at this. Blazers can, and should, be worn outside the office; from shopping to celebrating, a fun blazer such as this leopard one is the perfect jacket to wear everywhere, and you don’t have to take it off! Explore all the many ways to style the blazers in your closet here. 

7. A Denim Jacket 

No wardrobe is complete without a denim jacket. It can be styled with dresses, skirts, athletic wear, and even denim jeans for a classic Canadian tuxedo look. To ensure you can make the most of yours, opt for a denim jacket in a medium wash and with a natural fit (not too cropped or too oversized) such as this one. This will ensure you can wear it with a variety of looks. If you live in an area with a warmer climate, the warmth from a denim jacket may be all you need, but wherever you live, this type of jacket will come in handy year-round. 

8. The Quilted Long-Line Coat

For those of you weathering snow and sleet or just sub-50-degree temperatures on the regular, (or if you frequent places with cold weather like this) this is the coat you need in your closet. A long quilted coat will insulate your whole body and keep it warm even in the coldest of temperatures. We recommend investing in one in a neutral hue so you can keep it in the coat closet and add it to whatever you’re wearing as you head out the door. Finding a style with a hood isn’t a bad idea either. While warmth is paramount here, you can find a quilted coat that’s stylish as well. The diamond quilting on this one not only brings plush comfort but offers a flattering fit and adds a fashionable finish as well. 

woman in long, white winter jacket

9. A Leather Jacket

By this point, you’ve hopefully accepted the fact that one or two jackets just won’t do, and the number is about to grow by one more. A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential for any woman anywhere. It is classic, cool, and warm. Over dresses or jeans, a leather jacket looks amazing—always. Don’t skip this staple; you’ll reach for it more than you think.    

10. A Sweater Coat 

Cozying up in a sweater coat is such a luxe and comfortable feeling, which is why this jacket has made our list of the ones you need to add to your wardrobe. It offers all of the warmth of a coat with the comfort of a sweater in a breathable, wear-all-day way. Say yes to this sweater coat, which features plush fabric and pockets in addition to a structured silhouette that is supremely flattering and a stone color that goes with everything.  

11. A Cafe Jacket

A cafe jacket was originally inspired by racer jackets from the 70s but today it takes many forms. However, its notched lapel remains the same. This unique cut is a fun jacket to have on hand to add a stylish touch to any outfit. We particularly love this cafe jacket because it features a fuzzy boucle yarn that can also add texture to your look. Pair it with faux leather pants and boots for a chic, all-black outfit that can take you to dinner or a show (or both). 

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