We believe women should feel beautiful and comfortable, always.

We create products with passion and integrity, guided by respect for our people and planet.

Our Story

In 1979, three months after getting married, Karen and her husband, Lonnie, decided to start their own company. Driven by a passion to do things differently, they started small: their home garage was also their first office, studio and warehouse all rolled into one. The vision was simple: clothing with an incredible fit and feeling, crafted from the best fabrics and techniques available. Their idea caught on; and in the years since, their family and company grew. What was once a husband-and-wife team is now a full family affair: Lonnie and Karen's two sons, Michael and Robert recently joined the brand. With their arrival, the brand has renewed its promise for constant innovation with improved sustainability, increased recycling, and state-of-the-art fabrications.

Like all great things, Karen original vision has evolved and changed with time, but her initial promise has never waivered.

Ethical Sourcing

Our commitment is simple: to use the finest materials and fabric available. We work with our mills and partners to ensure they minimize environmental impact and are transparent with work- place conditions.

A Transparent Team

Two-thirds of our management team are women and three-quarters of our employees are people from underrepresented populations. All of our hourly workers are paid more than minimum wage, and most are paid above LA's living wage threshold. We provide health benefits to all full-time employees, including our manufacturing team.