Ah, the summer sun! It's finally that time of year to put away your sweaters and grab some of the most versatile pieces for your wardrobe, including the timeless and always-flattering wrap dress. 

From the breezy evenings on your back patio to those dinners out with friends, a wrap dress will take you from day to night with a simple switch of accessories. There's a reason why the wrap dress is the reigning queen of all stylish dresses— it looks stunning on all body shapes, is easy to slip on, and is perfect for all the plans you have in store this season.

And if you’ve been searching for different ways to wear a wrap dress, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide some top tips and tricks for how to style a wrap dress so you can look and feel confident before heading out the door. Let’s get started!

What is a Wrap Dress?

Simply put, a wrap dress is a classic style that consists of the material being wrapped from one side to the other, forming a front closure and a flattering silhouette. Typical wrap dresses are normally secured either with buttons on the side or with a bow at the back, making it easy to slip on and adjust. 

However, some wrap dresses, like the stylish ones in our collection, have removed the hassle of tying and buttoning, so you can be fashionable without the fuss. Now that you know what this combination of fashion and function entails, let’s address when to wear one.

How to Wear a Wrap Dress

When to Wear a Wrap Dress

One of the best things about a classic wrap dress is that you can wear it whenever and wherever. Whether you’re dressing for summer or spring, they’re great for just about anything.

On casual days, the bright or neutral colors and relaxed style of a wrap dress make for a go-to look if you’re running errands and getting together with friends for brunch. If you're going out for a special night on the town, the fun and flirty silhouettes make for the perfect, effortless, and stylish look. And for a formal occasion like a wedding, evening gala, or work event, wrap dresses are designed to make you feel as good as you look.

That being said, you simply can’t go wrong with adding a wrap dress to your wardrobe. And the best part is you can style it any number of ways, giving you the freedom to create all types of cute spring outfits.

How to Style a Wrap Dress

Ready to style your wrap dress? Whether you’re trying to strike a balance between stylish and sophisticated or fun and flirty, you may have trouble wrapping your head around all the different ways to style your classic wrap dress. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite tips below:


Accessorizing a wrap dress can be both stylish and fun! To elevate your style and bring out your personality, consider accessorizing with:

  • Jewelry: Consider layering delicate necklaces, mixing metals, or wearing colorful bangles, hoop earrings, or eye-catching rings with your wrap dress. This can give your look the extra ooh la la it deserves.
  • Shawls: When it comes to knowing what to wear over a dress, shawls and scarves are a great way to add a little pattern and texture to your wrap dress look. And you can style them over your shoulders or try different ways to wrap them around your neck. Learn more about how to wear a shawl.
  • Handbags: From cross-body bags to stylish tote bags, complementing your wrap dress with a fun, colorful handbag is a chic and convenient add-on for any occasion.
  • Belts: Consider adding a belt to your wrap dress for a flattering and unique look and feel. You can experiment with different clasps, materials, and maybe even tassels to level up your style.

  • When accessorizing a wrap dress, your options are endless. And you can switch up your style from morning to night without having to switch out the perfect dress.


    Layering a wrap dress is an easy, chic way to transition your wardrobe from season to season. Whether you’re headed to the office or the beach, wrap dresses are versatile and easy to style. Here are a few creative ways to layer your wrap dress:

    • Add a sleek, printed blazer for an edgy touch and a sophisticated look
    • Slip on a lightweight sweater or cozy cardigan to stay stylish and warm
    • Throw on your favorite leather or denim jacket to create a stylish day-to-night look

    Depending on the color of your wrap dress, any of these layering options can be tailored to fit your classic style and express your personality. And if you’re looking for a cute sweater or a stylish jacket, Karen Kane’s got you covered (quite literally).


    When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes to pair with your stylish wrap dress, the options are endless! From stilettos for an elegant night out to fashionable flats for an effortless daytime look, you can always find the perfect pair to style your wrap dress to perfection.

    Strappy sandals will keep you looking fashionable in warmer months, and when the chill sets in, chic ankle boots can elevate any wrap dress to create a winter-ready look. Plus, a timeless pair of classic pumps can always be a great option, no matter the season or occasion.

    How to Wear a Wrap Dress

    Wow Your Wrap Dress With Karen Kane

    Whether you’re heading to work or attending a fancy dinner, you can be sure to turn heads with a wrap dress. Be it sleek and sophisticated, boho chic, or something a little daring, there are endless styles to dress up your look.

    Not only are wrap dresses versatile, extremely comfortable, and convenient for any occasion, day or night, but they’re endlessly customizable. Whether you want to add a flair of color with a pair of hoops or a stylish cardigan, you can create a style look that brings out the true you. And we’re here to help!

    At Karen Kane, our wrap dresses and trendy plus size dresses are designed to be versatile, comfortable, stylish, and convenient. Pair any one of our wrap dresses with fun accessories, layers, and shoes to create a unique look you love. Shop our collection of trendy clothes today!