Easy, No-Cook Cucumber Smoked Salmon Hors D’oeuvre

Friday, March 26, 2021
Easy, No-Cook Cucumber Smoked Salmon Hors D’oeuvre

After growing up in Los Angeles and working as a chef in New York and Northern California, Karen's niece, Jamie Poe, returned to her Southern California roots. In 2017, she married her husband, Jayson, at Karen’s home in Santa Barbara. They live there today with their son, Henry. Together, they own and operate a bespoke catering, private chef, and meal delivery company named Poe and Co. Here is one of their favorite Summer recipes. 


Cucumber Salmon Bites


Serves 4—6

Small bites are a great way to keep multiple guests happy. This easy, no-cook hors d’oeuvre is perfect for any summer soirée. They make a perfect light start to dinner and are a hit at any gathering. When it comes to entertaining, we believe in keeping things simple. This no-fuss recipe will prevent turning your kitchen into a mess, can be quickly prepared, and will be a sure-fire hit with your guests. 



  • 3 each persian cucumbers
  • ½ cup creme fraiche
  • 4 oz. smoked salmon, town into ½” pieces
  • Fresh dill, leaves for garnish
  • Salt and pepper


    Slice cucumbers at a 45 degree bias, about one-eighth inch  thick. Mix creme fraiche with a pinch of salt and pepper and combine until homogenous and easy to dollop. Lay sliced cucumbers down on a tray, top with seasoned creme fraiche, smoked salmon, and dill. Serve immediately.