Bohemia Gem Necklace

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Bohemia Gem Necklace
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A beautiful long-length necklace crafted by hand with interlocking brass hoops and antique-inspired stones that were made in Africa. To create these unique station pieces, each brass piece is recycled using an ancient lost wax technique that is only common to very few artisans who are still able to do it in Ghana, Africa.

Each bead is first created in bee's wax, and then covered in clay. When the mold is fired in the kiln, the wax melts away to be replaced by molten brass. When the mold cools, it is broken apart to reveal the finished brass bead. Because the mold is destroyed to reveal the finished work, every bead is completely unique.

As is the nature with handmade pieces, each is one of a kind and varies.

  • 54” inches long
  • Drop is approximately 26” inches in length
  • Lobster clasp closure