Boards, Platters, Plates

Boards, Platters, Plates
SKU: D100043

Choose from a dazzling collection of thirty beautiful, well-crafted boards in this coffee table book, whether you’re serving a group of two or ten. Try Catalonian Summer with romesco, charred green onions, anchovy toasts, and Manchego for an intimate outdoor gathering. Make a dinner of the Korean BBQ platter with bulgogi-style beef, lettuce cups, gochujang dipping sauce, and kimchi. Or go straight for the sweets with a dessert like S’mores Without a Campfire. Plus, check out the party-size boards for your next holiday or celebration. Start with the four principles for creating the right board for any occasion: 1) Looks matter 2) Stay flexible 3) Make it fun to eat 4) Embrace store-bought components
In the Boards, Platters, and Plates book, you’ll find that every meal is worth sharing.

  • Written by Maria Zizka
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • W 7.25 x L 9.25 x D 0.75 inches