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To our loyal Customers and Community, 

In the past week, we've all received and influx of information that seems to be changing daily. With the growth of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses have come to a stand still, and through it all, our main concern has been the impact on our employees and out larger supply chain. This crisis has made us realize just how interconnected so many businesses are in today's world.

Our goal has changed from a healthy bottom line to trying to drive sales regardless of profit. We are writing to let you know you will see more emails from us with promotions and sales. With these promotions, we hope to stimulate online sales to not only help pay our employees, but also to continue paying the rest of our partners. We have decided to forgo profit and focus on promoting our products in a way that lets us keep our supply chain moving. We want to order more fabric and keep our fabric mills knitting. We want to keep our factories cutting and sewing. We want to keep our distribution center packing and shipping we want to continue to design and deliver the clothing you have come to love and trust. 

Supporting us also supports countless other businesses that are in free-fall from this crisis. We are not asking anyone with economic hardships to spend money on things they do now need, but if you can support, understand the economy as a whole need you spending. If it's not with us, support your small local businesses. This will help small businesses survive and prop up our economy in these uncertain times. 

We know there are sunnier days ahead. Stay safe, be healthy, and take care of each other. 






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