La Dolce Vita

The root of Italian heritage is a dedication to living life well, and as effortlessly as possible. Nowhere is that more realized than Capri, located off of Italy's Southwestern coastline. This enchanting island captures the imagination with plunging mountains, pastel-colored towns, and incredible mountaintop villas. Italy has always been one of my favorite places. While it's been a few years since I last visited, Italy remains one of my deepest sources of inspiration. For Spring 2022, I hoped to channel the Italian motto of 'la dolce vita' (the sweet life). It's all about balancing comfort and nature, appreciating the good things in life (like art and fashion), and appreciating every new day.

Brooke, wearing our Peasant Top, inspired by the island of Capri.

Bella Vita : Italia

Capri has been a resort destination since the time of the roman Republic - over 2,000 years ago. It's easy to see why.

See it by Sea

Discover Capri from the sea, then lie back in a wooden rowboat to enter the island's enchanting Blue Grotto. Boat tours regularly leave from Capri's Marina Grande. Upon arrival at the Blue Grotto, those who wish to visit can climb aboard small wooden rowboats, which are the only vessels able to fit inside this small picturesque sea cave that is famous for its unique, naturally occurring blue light. 

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy


Pizza in the Piazzetta

It may be small, but it may be the most fashionable square in the world. The heart of Capri is undoubtedly Piazza Umberto I. Sooner or later, all those who visit the island will come to watch the world go by. Since 1983, it has been one of the most stylish placed to grab a drink, have a cup of cappuccino, or grab a slice of pizza.

 Piazza Umberto I is the most famous square of the island of Capri, Italy

Marina Piccola

The smaller of Capri's two harbors on the island, Marina Piccola has a much more laid-back vibe than Marina Grande. It offers a gorgeous view of the Faraglioni across turquoise blue water, and is home to the Siren's rock, where it is rumored that mythical sirens seductively sang to Odysseus. This is a great place to spend a day at the beach, enjoy the warm water temperature, and visit a wide variety of beach-side cafes.

 Marina Piccola

Set Off to Sorrento

A quick twenty minute ferry ride from Capri lands you in Sorrento, a town overlooking the bay of Naples in Southern Italy. Cobbled streets, coastal views, and lemon groves are just some of the things you'll find in the enchanting Amalfi Coast town.

 Sorrento, a coastal town in southwestern Italy

Mount Solaro

The tallest mountain on Capri is also one of its biggest tourist destinations. From the top, you can see most of Capri's major towns including incredible views of the surrounding seas, with the Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples in the distance. A chairlift from Anacapri will take you from the town to the summit in only twelve minutes. In your ride up, you'll pass quaint farms, local vegetation and pristine neighborhoods. If you'd prefer the challenge of climbing the mountain yourself, you can take the trail from Anacapri, which takes an hour and 90 minutes.

Mount Solaro, the tallest mountain on the island of Capri, Italy 

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