Natural Beauty: The Wonders of Wyoming

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Natural Beauty: The Wonders of Wyoming
A Fresh Perspective

Wyoming has long been one of my favorite places to visit. By total area, it is the tenth largest state in the county and with the lowest population of any state, Wyoming is an amazing place to open your mind, enjoy the beauty of nature, develop a taste for adventure, and explore the trails less traveled. 


Educate and Enhance 

For our trip to Wyoming, we wanted to visit a ranch whose values aligned with our own. The lodge we found has a simple mission: "learn to do, learn to do better." This has become their standard for environmental stewardship, philanthropy, economic sustainability, and the preservation of a simpler way of life. 


Going Green at 7,000 Feet

At an elevation of 7,000 feet, our ranch had limited access to fresh produce. As a result, the ranchers built a state-of-the-art greenhouse to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs that wouldn't naturally thrive in Wyoming's climate. Constructed in 2017, this facility utilizes a high-tech 'swamp wall' to naturally cool the dry, hot Wyoming air with reduced water consumption. An army of 5,000 ladybugs naturally repels pests. All kitchen waste from ranch facilities is reused as compost material and weekly tours educate students on nutrition, sustainability, and environmental awareness. 


From Farm to Table

In addition to housing a greenhouse, our ranch was also home to a farm full of goats. Our family learned about all the processes it takes to transform goats' milk into yogurt, ice cream, butter, and more. The ranchers' work is an inspirational example of how animals can be raised in an organic and sustainable way. We started by feeding baby goats, then learned how their milk was collected, and finally worked in the ranch's kitchen with a master chef to bake Bourbon vanilla Soufflés - made with milk, butter, and cream that was collected from the same goats that we had met earlier that day. 



Stylish Sustainability

The beauty of our country's forests, creeks, and trails influenced my designs this season and continues to guide our company's practices towards greater responsibility and sustainability. With a commitment to our environmental footprint, we have developed easy-to-wear sweaters that are just as easy on the planet. Made from recycled polyester, each style in this collection is available in five different colors and perfect for any fall festivity.


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