5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials All Women Need

Friday, October 14, 2022
5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials All Women Need

As we wave goodbye to warm weather and prepare to greet the crisp days that lie ahead, it’s time to forage through our closets and rediscover the cold-weather staples we’ve nestled away for the winter season.

A few knit cardigans, college sweatshirts, and some very old pairs of pants later (ehem, pleather? Might be time to add those to the donation pile), we reach the back of the closet and think: What are some winter clothes essentials we’ll actually wear? How should I layer my clothes for winter?

Don’t toss those pleather pants just yet. They might come in handy as we discuss five winter wardrobe essentials that’ll look exquisite while keeping you toasty this season.

#1 Snowy Weather Sweaters

From cozy hoodies to cable knit cardigans, no winter wardrobe is complete without a versatile selection of trendy knit sweaters. A versatile closet staple for the winter season - sweaters come in many different styles. One day you might feel like donning that preppy polo sweater. Next, you may want to play up your feminine side with a pleated sweater, complete with chic puffy sleeves. No matter what style, this winter essential always offers both style and warmth.

One essential sweater to check off your list is the classic V-neck sweater. In addition to pairing perfectly with most other winter wardrobe essentials, this design features:

  • Eco-friendly textiles – The sweater is made of eco-friendly fabric, consisting of recycled polyester and spandex—both sustainable and soft.
  • A variety of color choices – The V-neck sweater is available in an array of colors, from olive and dark grey to light blue and black.

#2 Long-Sleeve Dresses

Psst! We want to let you in on a little secret: Dresses aren’t just for sweet summertime saunters. On the contrary—they’re a timeless choice for those chilly days when layers play a key role in assembling an impeccable cold-weather ensemble.

The foundation to those layers begins with the perfect winter-ready dress. Our favorite is the Long Sleeve Artisan Dress. Its deep black hue pairs gorgeously with a leather belt and stone turquoise necklace. Some of its other standout features include:

  • Side seam pockets (need we say more?)
  • Elastic waistband for an easy cinched waist
  • Billowy blouson sleeves
5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials All Women Need

#3 Classic Denim

Denim is a classic closet staple all year round, especially for the winter months. You probably have a few pairs of jeans in your dresser, lying in wait for their breakout moment this winter. But do you have a variety of different styles to choose from?

Whether you’re a skinny jean gal or prefer a classic pair of mom jeans, here are some of our top denim picks:

  • Cropped jeans – A pair of cropped jeans are just the right length to pair beautifully with your favorite booties.
  • Wide-leg jeans – Embrace one of the newest jeans trends with a pair of wide-leg jeans. Dress up the look with a pair of leather mules or keep it casual with some stylish sneakers.
  • High-waisted jeansHigh-waisted jeans can be extremely flattering to your figure, helping to shape your hourglass curves and add length to your frame (not to mention, they’re the perfect jean to complement all of your oversized sweaters).

#4 Polished Bottoms

Jeans aren’t your only option when it comes to decking out your bottom half. Other trendy bottoms to add to your winter weather wardrobe this season include:

  • Faux-leather pants – We hope you’re still holding onto those vintage pleather pants—they happen to be a chic winter essential. With the right sweater or blouse, faux leather is an ideal fabric to conjure a modern-meets-retro ensemble. These cropped faux leather pants are sleek, edgy, and ideal for a night out (whether you’re with your closest girls or on an intimate date night).
  • Classic black leggingsLeggings are a fantastic winter staple because you can easily dress them up or down. Coordinate them with a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers for the ultimate casual style or doll them up with a knit sweater, a thick scarf, and a knee-length coat.1
5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials All Women Need

#5 Coats for Every Occasion

With a few sweaters and dresses in tow, it’s time for some non-negotiable winter outerwear. Having a wool coat, puffer coat, casual coat, formal jacket, and trench coat on hand, are just a few of the top winter essentials you can't forget about.

Depending on the occasion, here are two sophisticated and stylish options for winter jackets:

  • Casual and cool: The Puffer Coat – Feel confident running errands or going for a jog in a trendy puffer jacket outfit. It’s laidback and offers a dash of panache that will keep you warm in style.
  • Formal and flattering: The Dapper Jacket – Whether you’re sporting your LBWD (little black winter dress) or a long-sleeved satin blouse and those chic faux-leather pants, polish up any look with the mid-length herringbone coat. This model is complete with a structured silhouette and side pockets for fashion and functionality.

Fall In Love with Winter Staples by Karen Kane

Whether freezing temperatures have already come knocking or you’re simply keen to jazz up your winter wardrobe staples 2022 style, Karen Kane wants to inspire you to embrace the chill this season.

From do-it-all winter coats to denim that feels like a dream to live in, we don’t craft designs that are simply there to make your closet happy. Our classy womens clothing is made for women who want to feel wonderful every season, 24 hours a day, inside and out. Rediscover the best parts of your style and life by browsing Karen Kane’s winter collection this season.


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