What is Boho Decor?

Monday, July 26, 2021
What is Boho Decor?

 You may be familiar with boho style and sometimes find yourself searching for boho outfit ideas—flowy maxi dresses, fringe jackets, floral prints, and the like—but what is boho style decor? In recent years, more and more people have fallen in love with and incorporated boho decor ideas into their homes, and for good reason. This unique interior design style is influenced by fun colors and prints, interesting textures, a variety of cultures, and, not unlike bohemian style, individuality. Read on to learn about boho interior decor and discover pieces that suit this style beautifully.   


Boho Style Defined

For those unfamiliar and wondering, “What is boho style?,” boho style home decor is difficult to pinpoint because it can take so many different forms. While there are many unique ways to execute boho style in your home, there are a few consistent elements of this decor style that you should know if you want to emulate it…


It is Casual 

Boho style is relaxed and casual, be it in your closet or your home. The textures are soft and comfortable, the colors are warm and inviting, and the decor is lively and useful. Think plush poufs, vibrant plants, wooden accent pieces, woven baskets, and antique rugs. Even tie-dye prints and drapes with tassels have a place in a boho space.

The layout of bohemian home decor and furniture, too, should be casual. It’s okay to have an asymmetric set up with a chair in the corner at an angle and a cushy sectional, rather than a loveseat opposite two armchairs. It’s also okay to place wall art off-center, toss instead of fold blankets, and splay books and magazines instead of grouping them perfectly. Trust us, you can do all this, and the room will still look clean and well kept.   

Because boho style is casual, it is also an ideal theme for outdoor spaces. If you love to entertain outdoors, be on a deck or in a yard, boho pillows and blankets can make the area useful and inviting year-round. There are also plenty of options with a boho vibe to choose from when it comes to outdoor dinnerware as well. 

Try It: Place this hand woven floor basket in a living room to casually store blankets or pillows, or in a bathroom to hold extra towels. Carry on the trend and entertain outside with relaxed rattan trays and coasters


It is Eclectic

This is perhaps the reason it’s so difficult to define boho style; it is typically made up of an eclectic assortment of pieces. This means there may be a broader color palette or a variety of rugs, pillows, and throws in various prints and patterns. There may also be mismatched boho furniture and an assortment of decor that seems collected rather than intentional. 

Just because boho style is eclectic, though, doesn’t mean it is haphazard. Boho home decor can be just as tidy as any other style and need not use more than a couple of rich colors if that’s not to your liking. Once again, the mainstay is that the decor is an expression of you and your individual style. And while decorating with odds and ends or antique finds may at first feel a bit random, when it comes to boho, the more pieces you use, the more it comes together. So, when attempting this style, don’t give up too soon. Stay the course, and you will be amazed at the result. 

Try it: Start “collecting” unique items by purchasing eye-catching handmade pieces such as this painted palm print pillow or this ombre pitcher. You can also peruse local vintage stores and flea markets to discover one-of-a-kind trinkets and furniture pieces. It is these special finds that will truly transform a room from standard to boho.

Boho inspired garden table decor

It is Global-Inspired

The original bohemians were vagabonds, so it’s only fitting that bohemian style carries on in a way that is influenced by the world around it. It’s not unusual for a boho-style room to feature decor from across the globe. Whether you take inspiration from the French countryside or the Morrocan desert, the plains of Africa or the American Southwest doesn’t matter, what matters is that you pull inspiration for your bohemian decorating from, if not actual furniture and decor from your travels or your travel aspirations. 

So, go on, pull out your souvenirs that have been stashed away in random cupboards, and put them on display! Another easy way to achieve a global-inspired room is with pictures from your travels or art from other places. Don’t be afraid to dress up the walls with tapestries or macrame hangings, either. Decorating this way is also a good excuse to do a bit of souvenir shopping on future trips. When you have a room, wall, or shelf in mind, everything you purchase while you are away will have a designated home when you return. And once it is on display, it will always remind you of the places you’ve been and things you have seen.   

Try it: You don’t have to go far to find pieces made elsewhere or inspired by other cultures. We carry beautiful serving bowls from Tunisia, glass carafes from Guatemala, vases inspired by the ancient Ming dynasty, and other global goods. For your photos, invest in these beautiful ivory bone picture frames.    


It is Colorful 

As you might expect from a room full of eclectic, global-inspired furniture and decor, boho-style rooms are often colorful. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are full of bright colors (although, they can be), but they often contain an array of rich tones and warm hues. These can, of course, be neutral colors, but given an emphasis on art and individuality, a boho room typically includes some combination of colors, often accentuated by the colors of the art, plants, or decor pieces within the room. 

There is also typically quite a bit of contrast in boho decor. Contrast can be achieved with bright white walls and colorful art or wooden furniture, or with neutral fabrics and saturated pillows or throws. The possible uses of color in a bohemian space are endless, and there are no rules around which colors you have to use, so the palette is truly up to you. Popular palettes often include a combination of neutrals such as grey, brown, or cream, and pinks, greens, or blues, or an earthy palette of oranges, greens, and browns.

Try it: Pillows are not only an easy way to add color to a room but an easy way to change it as well. You can shift them with each season or when you want to revive the style quite simply. We think a combination of neutral linen pillows and boldly patterned options such as this blue floral version achieves the boho look best. 

Handwowen baskets


It is Textural 

The use of natural textures is one of boho design’s hallmark and one of our favorite reasons to embrace this design style. From woven benches and shaggy rugs to leather armchairs and caned dressers, there are so many beautiful furniture and decor pieces to choose from that feature brilliant design and appealing texture. The combination of many different textures is not only what makes boho decor unique but also what makes it so pleasing to the eye. The trick is to add soft texture wherever there is hard, hard texture wherever there is soft, and to continue layering them. The second trick is to use as many various textures as possible. For instance, both wood and quartz, velvet and linen.  

Try it: A great example of achieving the layered texture look integral to boho decor is evident when setting a table. For instance, if you start with a wooden table, add a fabric table runner and woven placemats. Then, contrast the soft surface with ceramic plates and trays, before adding cloth napkins. For a final touch, add a pitcher full of flowers.  


It is Personal 

We hope we have given you a clear picture of what boho style decor is, but perhaps the most important thing we want you to walk away with is that however you decorate your home should reflect your unique style. Boho style, above any other, is truly meant to be an expression of the individual. Incorporate your own family heirlooms and antiques, makeover furniture you already have to give it a boho look, dress up your walls with art that speaks to you, put your favorite colors to use, and put your most special souvenirs on display. When you do this, you will have mastered boho decor in a meaningful way. With these tips and your own taste to guide you, the result will surely be beautiful.

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