What Is a Shacket & How to Style for Fall

Thursday, July 14, 2022
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You’ve heard of a jacket….you’ve heard of a shirt….but have you heard of a shacket?

Shackets are the latest trend in fall outerwear, combining the coverage and thickness of a jacket with the stylings of a regular shirt. This piece is a must have option in your closet for women's lightweight jackets options. In short, a shacket gives you the best of both clothing worlds, adding an extra layer to a chic outfit. Consider it the perfect style middle ground for those crisp yet sunny fall days.

If you’re ready to rock an effortlessly cool fall look, we’re here to help. Dive into our all-inclusive fashion guide on what is a shacket and how to style a shacket this fall.

Shacket vs. Jacket—What’s the Difference?

If you’re having a hard time imagining the middle ground between a shirt and a jacket, that’s understandable. A Shacket is a bit of a loose term—it could mean anything from a thick button-up to a fleece layer.

As a general definition, a shacket is a shirt that’s thick enough to layer. Essentially, you wouldn’t wear a shacket alone, but you would pair it with a thinner shirt underneath. In the fashion world, you might hear shackets referred to as “overshirts” for this reason.1 Most shackets include qualities like:

  • Thick fabrics, such as corduroy, fleece, denim, or flannel
  • Buttons down the front
  • Shirt collar at the neck
  • Oversize fits, often with no cinching or body-hugging properties
  • Long sleeves

While it’s easy to tell a shacket from a regular tee, it’s a little tougher to distinguish one from a jacket. The line may be blurry, but jackets will usually eschew the “shirt” qualities of a shacket. Instead, a jacket typically has:

  • Thicker fabrics, such as wool, fleece, or leather
  • Lining on the material
  • Zippers, buttons, or fastenings down the front
  • Various neck collars, including shirt, shawl, or tailor
  • Fitted or oversize designs, sometimes with a belt or cinching
  • Optional hoods

Most importantly, the difference between a shacket and a jacket comes down to their function. Do you layer it over your tank tops, but you can’t wear it to a formal event? It’s likely a shacket. Does it keep out the cold with a zipper, a lined interior, and a fitted design? Then it’s likely a jacket. While shackets are more casual, jackets can range from casual to fancy. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide.

Types of Shacket Styles

As a clothing category, shackets come in all styles. If you have a fall outfit, there’s probably a shacket to go with it.

Most shackets have similar design qualities (a loose fit, shirt collars, etc.), but they also range in pattern, material, and details. Let’s dive into the different types of shackets out there and the outfits that pair well with them.

#1 Oversized Shacket with Pockets

For a classic look, an oversized shacket with large front pockets never goes out of fashion. Derived from old-school military overshirts, this style is casual yet cool with a streetwear edge.

The details on oversized shackets can include fun buttons, side pockets, rounded collars, or even a distinct texture. Additionally, you can find oversized shackets in a variety of materials, from fleece to nylon. Whichever details and material you choose, this loose silhouette pairs nicely with body-hugging fall staples, including:

  • Skinny jeans or leggings
  • Turtlenecks
  • Neutral tees
  • Tank tops

Don’t forget to accessorize—the simpler your shacket, the more room you have to add accessories like scarves, jewelry, or even a hat.

#2 Denim Shacket

It’s not really a jean jacket—it’s a jean shacket.

Longer, looser, and thinner than its denim jacket counterpart, a denim shacket is the perfect fall top layer. Most designs find the middle ground between your favorite chambray vs denim jacket, showcasing a shirt collar, buttons, and a below-hip length. For a relaxed look, add a denim shacket to these fall items:

  • Leggings or tights
  • Corduroy pants
  • Bike shorts
  • White tanks
  • Boots

#3 Fuzzy Fleece Shacket 

With its fuzzy texture, fleece gives instant coziness to any outfit. Even better, fleece has excellent heat retention and waterproof properties, keeping you warm and dry when the weather starts to turn.2

Since fleece is a bit more plush than other fabrics, fleece shackets lean more to the “jacket” side than the “regular shirt” side. You can combat the thicker width by choosing fleece shackets with longer hemlines, even all the way to the knees. Additionally, pair your fleece shacket with thinner clothing items like:

  • Fitted jeans
  • Leather pants
  • Leggings
  • Thin turtlenecks or tees
  • Tennis or pencil skirts

#4 Leather Shacket

Calling all urban style lovers—a leather shacket is your go-to fall piece.

Sturdy yet thin, leather shacket bring the drama of their cousin jackets with the flexibility of a dress shirt. The material lends well to upscale looks or events without seeming stuffy (think date night, dinners with friends, etc.). 

Want a really dramatic look? Create a monochrome outfit and pair your leather shacket with leather pants or accessories. However, you can also keep it casual by pairing these urban-chic items with a leather shacket:

  • Black jeans
  • White turtlenecks
  • White ribbed tank tops
  • Combat boots or sneakers
  • Gold jewelry

#5 Plaid Flannel Shacket

Get in the fall spirit with the season’s quintessential pattern—plaid. Plaid flannels give a rustic yet preppy vibe to any outfit, especially when layered as a shacket. Even better, plaid is a popular pattern during the colder seasons that will never go out of fashion for fall, so you can invest in a quality staple piece to wear for years to come. 

Since plaid is a colorful pattern, let your plaid shacket do the talking. Keep the rest of your items simple and laidback, fitting in with the casual vibe. Some great clothing layers to add underneath your plaid shacket could be:

  • Worn jeans in light or black wash
  • Flared trousers
  • Neutral colored turtlenecks
  • Cropped tank tops in white or black

#6 Corduroy Shacket

Velvety and ridged, corduroy is a distinctly fall fabric. Amp up the coziness of your outfit by adding a corduroy shacket to match and know how to choose the best fabrics for cold weather to keep in your wardrobe. 

With corduroy’s heavier texture, it’s best to pair it with lighter materials—think cotton or rayon. This material also works best for daytime looks, since it has a casual flair. Grab a corduroy jacket in a rich fall jewel tone, and pair it with some laidback wardrobe staples like:

  • Light wash jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Non-ribbed tank tops
  • Cropped tees
  • Jean shorts with tights

#7 Belted Shacket

Yes, most shackets fit quite loosely. However, there are definitely a few belted shackets out there for those who love a cinched waist.

If wearing a belted shacket, you can play around more with the silhouette of your outfit. For belted leather shackets, stay sleek by adding skinny jeans, a turtleneck, and elegant gold jewelry. For belted wool shackets, try a laidback farmhouse look with wide-legged trousers, a cotton tee, and some loafers. 

And remember—you can always add a belt to your shacket. Go for slightly more fitted designs that extend past the hips, so you have more cloth to cinch. 

Styling Tips for Shackets

So you’ve got your dream shacket. Now, how do you wear the thing?

The beauty of shackets is their versatility. There’s really no wrong way to wear them. Depending on your outfit, you could wear them just about any way that you please. To incorporate your shacket into your fall wardrobe, try wearing them in these four ways:

  • Worn solo – If your shacket is on the thinner side, it just might function as a thicker shirt. Thin corduroy, leather, and denim shackets can all stand out as statement tops. Just make sure it’s warm enough for the weather and comfortable on your bare skin.
  • Buttoned over layers – Make your shacket function like a jacket by buttoning it up. This closed look gives a sophisticated or cozy vibe, depending on the material and fit. In particular, oversized yet thin materials work best for a buttoned-up look. To keep your outfit from feeling bulky, make sure to wear thinner layers underneath.
  • Left open – Got a cute top from the summer that you can’t leave behind? No worries. Just throw on a shacket, leave the buttons open, and let your fave top shine. An open shacket is a great casual layer to transition between the seasons.
  • Layered underneath a coat – Sometimes, you need something thicker than a cotton t-shirt to wear under your winter coat. If the weather is truly cold, add a shacket between your base layer and thick coat. That way, you can adjust your layers to keep you at an optimal temperature. Not to mention, multi-layered and transitional fall outfits are very on-trend.

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