6 Puffer Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter

Friday, October 07, 2022
6 Puffer Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter

Grab a cup of hot cocoa (extra whip cream). Winter is coming, and it’s time to pull out your favorite winter wardrobe essentials. And of course, no cold-weather closet would be complete without the classic puffer jacket.

Whether you’ve already got a puffer (or two) ready in your closet or you’re in the mood to shop for new womens stylish jackets, we’re highlighting the different puffer jacket styles you can explore—plus six seriously stylish puffer jacket outfit ideas.

Different Puffer Jacket Styles

The puffer jacket is a basic garment—but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s endlessly easy to accessorize. Of course, that also means there are endless different puffer jacket styles, but here are six that are both trendy and timeless:1

  1. Colorful puffer – Bright colors are in. Look for puffer jackets in bold hues like fuschia.
  2. Cropped puffer – This silhouette is flattering, fun, and perfect for layering on a cold day.
  3. Faux-leather puffer – This texture elevates the puffer and any outfit you match it with.
  4. Full-length puffer – Puffers that hit below the knee are here to help banish the cold.
  5. Metallic puffer – You’ll dazzle like an icicle in a metallic puffer, no doubt.
  6. Printed puffer – Bold patterns are a fun new trend to spice up a classic puffer jacket.

Now, which of these styles will you try first? We can’t decide that for you—but we can provide some outfit inspiration.

6 Ways to Style Your Puffer Jacket

Whether you rock a chic cropped puffer jacket or a classic black staple, here are six of our favorite style tips to keep you cozy and chic all winter long:

#1 Manifest Monochromatic

Maybe you were scrolling through Instagram or maybe just walking down the street. Either way, you’ve probably noticed the glory that is a perfectly matched monochromatic fit. Gone are the days when an outfit can be too “matchy-matchy.” Now, styling multiple pieces together within the same color family is a fashionista’s favorite pastime. This can look like styling a beige cropped puffer jacket, with beige pants, beige sweater, and ankle boots in a matching color.

If you’re looking to purchase a new puffer, try buying your signature color so that you can easily create monochromatic looks. If you already have a puffer (or two) in your closet, build an outfit around its color. Trust us, you’ll be warm and chic.

#2 Tease Texture

There’s a reason that faux leather is a hot jacket trend for a cold winter’s day. Texture is a simple way to elevate any outfit. You can utilize texture by purchasing a faux-leather, velvet, or corduroy puffer jacket, or by pairing any of these fabrics with a classic puffer. Think corduroy skirt, black turtleneck, boots, and a puffer jacket. You can even explore different eco friendly fabric textures, so you can rock your puffer jacket outfit this winter while being sustainable.

As you become more comfortable, you can start mixing and matching different textures to create bold and visually interesting outfits.

6 Puffer Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter

#3 Concentrate on Color

Neutral puffer jackets are a classic, and it’s easy to see why: You can pair them with pretty much anything in your winter wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have a little fun with color. Bold hues traditionally seen in spring and summer are making themselves known in the colder months, and can help you stand out against the backdrop of icy snow and cloudy skies.

If you’re ready to try this trend, find a bright color that will match many of the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Then, you can ensure you’ll make the most of your new purchase. Not ready to buy? You can style a more neutral puffer you already own with bright colors underneath.

#4 Aspire to Accessorize

This may come as no surprise if you’re fashion-minded, but the ultimate key to styling your puffer jacket is to accessorize. Just because the winter season calls for layering, this doesn't mean you can't add finishing touches and accessorize underneath. The winter season actually offers so many possibilities. As temperatures drop, you have more and more excuses to add on more layers. Scarves, socks, sweaters—oh my! So make sure you brush up on how to tie a scarf so you can switch up this simple accessory as often as you’d like.

Little accents like a pair of gold hoop earrings may seem small, but they can be what brings your entire outfit together. They can also help elevate more casual puffer jackets and help you transition from daytime to nighttime looks.

#5 Prioritize Patterns

Another trend we love? Patterns. Patterned puffer jackets are in, but they aren’t the only way to embrace this trend. As with all our style tips, the key is to get creative. You likely already have many beautiful patterned garments in your closet. You can match these with a neutral puffer.

For a bolder look, mix and match prints and patterns. Think patterned dress with a printed puffer. Your outfit will be as unique as a snowflake.

6 Puffer Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try This Winter

#6 Make It Minimalist

Remember that not every style tip is universal. If bright colors and bold patterns aren’t your aesthetic, never fear. You don’t need an excuse to embrace minimalism. It’s classic and chic. You can easily craft a whole outfit, puffer jacket and all, with just neutrals and earth tones. You can also style a puffer jacket easily with just a few essential pieces - sweater, pants, shoes. Sometimes a minimal puffer coat outfit can add just the extra flare you need.

Keep Cozy and Chic with Karen Kane

What we love about the puffer jacket is how versatile it is. The answer to “how to style a puffer jacket” is however you want! This winter-weather staple can be a classic or the perfect vehicle to help you explore all of the season’s latest trends. When it comes to fashion, the possibilities are endless.

If you love timeless fashion that will keep you cozy and chic all winter long, look no further than Karen Kane. Our elegant garments and commitment to sustainability ensure that you’ll look and feel good no matter the season.


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