8 Boho Decor Ideas

Monday, July 26, 2021
Breakfast table in boho decoration

How you choose to decorate your home is an incredible reflection of your personal style and taste. Your home is not only a place where you spend time with friends and family, but also where you spend the majority of your own time, be it entertaining, lounging, or even working. For this reason, it’s all the more important that your home is full of rooms you love to be in. Part of making each room lovable and liveable is filling it with decor that speaks to you. 

Do you have boho style, do you constantly search for boho outfit ideas, or are you drawn to its eclectic and colorful nature? If so, there are so many ways you can incorporate this design style into your home, both indoors and outdoors. Here, we’ll explore many different boho decor ideas. You may be wondering, “What is boho decor?,” but you’ll come to understand the look throughout this article. We hope they inspire you as you embark on decorating or refreshing your own home in the bohemian style. 

As you seek to add a boho theme to an entire room, or throughout your entire home, remember that boho style is all about individuality. At the end of the day, only you can decide what you truly love and want to be surrounded by. So, use these boho decor ideas as a guide and rely on your own unique perspective to bring them to life. 


8 Ways to Add Boho Decor to Your Home

Let us walk you through the best ways to create a boho atmosphere in any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom. As we go, you’ll uncover unique pieces that can help you achieve the bohemian look easily.


1. Incorporate Different Textures 

Boho decor is all about using various materials and textures in a space. This can be accomplished in any number of ways. For instance, if you have wood floors, consider adding a plush rug to soften the room. If you have leather couches, add an upholstered footstool. Add pillows to outdoor furniture, add throws to wooden benches, add a vase of flowers to a quartz countertop, or fabric-covered books to a metal bookcase, and so on to achieve a bohemian interior design look. One of the easiest ways to accomplish the textural boho look is simply by adding pillows and throws in various fabrics. 

The magical part of decorating in this style is that you can do not just one but all of these things in any one room; the more unique textures, the more bohemian the space will become, and the more inviting and appealing it will look.  


2. Dress Up Surfaces

For those still unsure of the answer to “What is boho style?,” boho style is much more eclectic and much less minimalistic. It calls for putting beautiful pieces you’ve collected from your travels or vintage flea markets out on display. So, take a look at your credenzas, open shelves, dressers, and end tables, and think of them as places to show off your style. 

Consider dressing up a bar cart with an assortment of colorful glassware, adding woven frames filled with pictures from your favorite places to your mantle, placing a beaded lamp on your nightstand, and hanging vintage china on your walls. Let your creativity run wild, and your souvenirs or mementos shine.  

Handwowen large floor basket

3. Seek Out Handmade Pieces

Something that will always, without fail, add a unique and bohemian vibe to your home is something handmade. Handmade pieces, be them furniture, tableware, or even tiles, have a one-of-a-kind nature that won’t go unnoticed. This is why we love working with artisans from all over the world, so we can highlight their beautiful work and allow you to find incredibly unique pieces easily. 

We carry handblown juice glasses made by artisans in Mexico from recycled glass, feathered fringe dinner napkins made in Los Angeles, and mosaic serving trays handcrafted with bone. You can also fill your kitchen and bathrooms with handwoven rattan bowls, and your entryway with hand painted floral vases. Any and all of these pieces will add a one-of-a-kind touch to your home that is innately boho. 


4. Don’t Be Shy About Color

Color is a trademark of boho style, but there’s no one bold color or specific color palette you need to work with. So, have fun with your favorite color or colors in your space. If you’re looking for ideas, blue is a great go-to hue when it comes to interiors and boho interiors in particular. It works well with all neutral backdrops, including white, cream, brown, and grey, and with a variety of other colors as well.

A few great combinations that work well in boho spaces are blue and pink, blue and red, and blue and green. For a fluid look, work with different shades of the same color. For example, if you’re drawn to blue and pink, incorporate navy as well as a lighter shade of blue and blush in addition to a truer pink. If your style is more subtle, earth tones and deep neutral hues also work wonderfully in boho spaces.   


5. ...Or Pattern

Where there is pattern, there is often color, so incorporating patterns is often quite easy if you’re already incorporating color into your bohemian home decor and vice versa. If you fall in love with a particular pattern, it can help you determine your color palette as well. For instance, you could build an entire room around this coral print pillow. Once it becomes your inspiration, you will naturally be drawn to other decor and furniture pieces in warm neutral tones and shades of blue.  

Pattern isn’t solely about textiles, though. In addition to pillows and rugs, look to serveware and surface decor to liven up your spaces as well. This striped serving bowl, for instance, can be a colorful centerpiece or an eye-catching item on display in your china cabinet, or both. If the rest of your dishes are white, it can be just what you need to add a boho flair. Similarly, the indigo floral bone pattern on this picture frame will bring both color and pattern to wherever it sits. 

Table set for lunch with Rattan Platemats

6. Tap Into Your Green Thumb

Plants liven up any space, visually and literally. Not only do they contribute to fresher air in a room, but they also add brightness, texture, color, and height—all of which are necessary to complete a boho theme. If you have an empty corner you don’t know what to do with or are struggling to style your coffee table just right, check off a multitude of boxes by reaching for a plant to fill the space. 

Plants, of course, are also a wonderful way to enliven a backyard or patio. It’s only natural, after all, to use greenery and fresh flowers to dress up an outdoor space. When choosing plants for a room or yard, increase your chances of keeping them alive by choosing the optimal species for the environment. Place indoor plants that need a lot of sunlight near a window or up high where the light can reach them, and place outdoor plants outdoors where they have room to grow and flourish. 

Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, you can enhance to boho feel of a plant even more by placing it in a basket such as this Burmese rattan basket or this handwoven Sisal basket. Remember, boho decor is all about mixing textures and patterns, so if you place one plant in a basket, place a smaller one in a ceramic planter such as this beautiful blue and white one


7. Keep it Casual 

Bohemian decor is the opposite of stuffy, so it should feel that way when you walk into the room, whether it is how the furniture is arranged or how you set the table. Embrace natural textures such as wood, bone, burlap, and crochet, and natural silhouettes too. Say goodbye to straight lines and sharp corners and instead reach for circular shapes and raw edges. Think chaise lounges, round poufs, oblong mirrors, and ottomans. 

A few of our favorite decorative pieces that exude the casual boho vibe include this natural wood platter, these organic edge dinner plates, a super-size comfy tie-dye pillow, linen dinner napkins, and rattan placemats. When you decorate with pieces like this, you create an inviting environment that is both elevated and beautifully boho, and where everyone wants to stay and hang out. 


8. Add Warmth

Another element of boho design that makes it so inviting is the warm colors, cozy texture, and ambient lighting it features. We already covered texture and color, but if you haven’t incorporated either yet, it really is essential. If your walls and furniture are cool-toned, be sure to accessorize with warmer hues; a colorful piece of art or an antique rug can make all the difference. Throw blankets, soft rugs, pillowy-soft cushions, and poufs are all great ways to enhance the warmth in a room as well. 

Finally, don’t neglect lighting. Floor lamps and table lamps with warm-colored bulbs should be favored over harsh overhead lighting. Add even more warmth by incorporating candles as well, and texture too when you place them in special candleholders such as these textured glass votives

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